A review from mensgoodlife.nl

A review from mensgoodlife.nl

The men's skin may be a lot stronger and less sensitive than the women's skin, but the care of the men's skin is and remains very important. Especially when your skin changes over time, it is important to deal with this in a good way. Aging skin needs care and nowadays the "anti-aging" products are on the bathroom shelf for good reason. You don't just get beautiful, healthy and young skin!

"As one of the bloggers at mensgoodlife, I used RevitalTrax's anti-aging product for a month. I am not someone who uses 'day after day' with spreads. That is why a drink is a very nice alternative for me. You drink anyway and then for example a fruit juice with an extra boost of collagen is a good start of the day.I mixed it with fruit juices, breakfast shakes and also hot drinks like tea.It is also nice that you do not have to think about how much you have to take in. The bags are in the right proportion No bags with powder, scoops and scales Ideal!

What I mainly noticed is the improvement of the skin and my hair, which just felt healthier and fuller. In any case, it is good to be 'just' engaged in a healthy lifestyle and the results provide extra motivation to keep this up. Recommended? Certainly, that is because of the ease of use and the fast results. It can be that simple."

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