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testimonial_marleen_j (1).jpg__PID:c318eb75-48c5-4590-9678-11fd10683c38
testimonial_marleen_j (1).jpg__PID:c318eb75-48c5-4590-9678-11fd10683c38

Marleen Jansen


I have been using RevitalTrax products for several months now and am very satisfied. I use the collagen complex, the creams and serums. My skin feels firmer, lines are clearly less and I have less irritation. The products are economical to use and smell pleasant. I highly recommend RevitalTrax !


Marion van der Meer


This picture speaks for itself (I'm 64) Since a few months a big fan of the products of RevitalTrax. They are products of the highest quality, nice to use and they do what they promise, my skin has improved enormously!


Jacqueline Verwijs


Very satisfied with RevitalTrax products, especially the collagen sachets. Recently also came in lemon flavor. Been using it for about 5 years and my skin looks better than before. Also the vitamin C serum is very nice, a bit thinner but spreads well. The day cream Q10 with spf 30 is wonderfully full and the body lotion is also very spreadable. Very satisfied.


Carina de Frel


REVITALTrax has great products. Since I have been using them my skin, hair, and nails look much better. I also don't have joint pain anymore, that is remarkable. This year I will turn 62, so in terms of age I started late, but the results are definitely there. I will continue to use this product, that's for sure. I am very satisfied!!!


Kylie Wouterse


I am an unbelievable fan of revitaltrax. I have been using it for almost 2 years now I think, maybe even three years and I am extremely satisfied. I turned 35 this year and I think my skin looks great with minimal wrinkle formation on my face. It also helps immensely against cellulite on the legs. I will continue to use this throughout my life. Personally, I always mix it with some apple juice and water for taste, but honestly the taste gets used to it naturally.


Ewa Blum


I value not only the service itself, but especially its quality. In this case, your high quality of service is reflected in the use of beautiful packaging with nice pergamin with logo. In addition, the speed of delivery is very surprising. One day you order a product and the next day you can already enjoy your purchase, and the whole thing is completed with a very attractive price interwoven with high quality of the product itself. I am very happy with your company. And I would recommend the RevitalTrax to anyone!


Andrea Esterik


I love using RevitalTrax products, the serums, the creams and I take a stick of Collagen every day. I notice that my skin is more glowing and lines are diminished. Also, my nails are clearly improving. And my hairdresser says that my hair has become fuller. I am a satisfied customer; I recommend these products!


Brigitte Bulham


I have bought this multi-effect eye cream many times before and with great pleasure. The cream is transparent and airy, immediately gives a cooling sensation on the skin around your eyes. Especially with tired eyes, this does its job well, then I use it several times a day, the skin around the eyes visibly improves. I use many products from Revitaltrax, but this product is one of my favorites. You don't need a lot and you can use it for a long time. Plus point is the pump, hygienic and easy to dose.


Zsuzsanne CS


These product are amazing. I use them for a long while already and my skin and hair improved a lot. My favorite products are the Q10 serum that gives a very nice glow to the skin, the Retinol night cream that is super nourisihing cream and the collagen shampoo that helps my hair to look fulller 😊.


Brigitta Landsbergen


You often hear these exaggerated stories of miracle remedies. We all think then, yeah right. But I can only say that using Revilatax has given me self-confidence again.

Believe me, I get so many compliments and people estimate me younger again, which has not been the case for a while. I shine again and feel it. I have always used quite expensive brands, but I have never had this result before. I also introduced my sister to it. She too is sold and I can see her homed getting better and radiant. I can only thank you.


Anne-Will van den Beld


I have been using Revitaltrax's products for over a year now and keep expanding. In the morning I use the collagen powder, skin cleaner, moisturizing lotion, vitamin C serum, eye cream, peptide booster face cream, and hyaluronic day cream. In the evening I again use the skin cleaner, moisturizing lotion, retinol serum, eye cream, and retinol night cream. I am very satisfied. My skin is even and shiny, my puffiness is gone and it reduces wrinkles. My nails are stronger and I have gained a full head of hair. The hairdresser is amazed.


Marjolijn van Wijk


I absolutely love RevitalTrax. I use the Vitamin C serum, the face wash, the moisturizer, and the collagen pouches. I really notice a difference because my skin is more shiny and the deep lines are getting finer.So I would recommend it to anyone!


Leonie Eggink


I have been a customer of RevitalTrax for many years. It is very nice that they do not put any bad ingredients in their products such as parabens and sulfates. They have a wide range of skincare. The masks, eyelash serum, and scrub are also highly recommended. I like the products and they give the skin the right hydration. I will definitely continue to use them!

RevitalTrax often has great promotions that allow you to buy the products more cheaply as well.


Bent Huyding


These are the best products for face and body. They are pleasant to use and the fragrance is good. I also use the hair products. Thumbs up.


Yamaha Fazerr


Super happy with the day cream from RevitalTrax. And what a convenient pump bottle. I am super happy.


Philma Kraak


From the first moment I got my hands on RevitalTrax products, I was impressed. The range of creams and serums promises to combat skin aging, and I can honestly say that these products deliver on that promise.

The texture of both the creams and serums is remarkable. They soak in quickly without leaving a greasy or heavy feeling, which is a huge plus for me. But the most impressive thing about RevitalTrax is the results. After several weeks of consistent use, I noticed a marked improvement in the texture and appearance of my skin. Fine lines became less visible, and my skin felt firmer and more hydrated overall. It is rare to find skin care products that are both immediately pleasant to use and effective over the long term, but RevitalTrax manages to strike this balance.

RevitalTrax has won a permanent place in my skincare routine


Stephanie Billet


I turned 55 this year and am very satisfied with Revital Trax products.


Touria Boumedia


Revital Trax saved my skin, I don't buy expensive products anymore. I am very satisfied, thank you Revital Trax team.


Miryam Kuitert


I am turning 50 this year and had kind of given up trying to celebrate this fresh and fruity. Until I discovered Revitaltrax eye cream, which did something for my dark circles! My eye look became fresher again. I was given some collagen sachets to try out and I was already benefiting from this within a few days. Eczema disappeared, my skin became less dry, eyelids became firmer, eyelashes and eyebrows began to grow, hair shined. And all that after such a short time! A few weeks on and I have almost the entire collection complete. Every product adds something and feels wonderful on my skin! I even dare to send along this photo (without makeup and after a sleep shift).


Arlett Geenen


Great products that do what they say. It also ships fast and they have a good help desk if you have any questions. I have been using it for six months now and really see a lot of difference between when I started and now.


Heike Hein


I have been using the Anti-Aging Collagen Complex for a while now. If you do not use cosmetic injections and so on, I would like to say that this is a good alternative. It is easy to stir into coffee early on and I also take the sticks with me on vacation. Since I use the sticks year-round, I am always happy when there is an offer. I always make sure I have a supply in the house. I am 61 years old and of course I have wrinkles, but they are not as pronounced or deep and the skin of my whole body is firmer. I haven't tried the cosmetic line yet, but I'm definitely going to.


Swetlana Gill


I use several products from RevitalTrax. I have been taking this Collagen Complex every day for 3 weeks now and I can already tell that my skin has improved a lot. Small wrinkles under my eyes have become much smoother and I look forward to drinking my collagen every morning, because the results have more than convinced me 😊. I can really only recommend the products as I love them.


Michelle Wong Chung


A friend of mine used these products and tipped me off. I hope they will work as well with me. I have been drinking the collagen for about a week now. The creams spread nicely and after the face wash my face looks nice and fresh. I just need to buy the moisturizing.


Mahsa Azsad


I have been a customer of RevitalTrax for 1 year. Using various products from revitaltrax such as collagen shampoo, facial serums and the collagen supplement, I have noticed great differences in my hair, nails and face. Also, my cellulite is becoming completely invisible. I am super satisfied with these products and am going to remain a regular customer. ☺️


Sylvia Deryk


Very satisfied with this day and night cream. Softens wrinkles and hydrates well (I am 47 years old). I sometimes combine it with Revitaltrax's other serums or night creams (retinol and peptide products for the neck) and I feel it works double. Combined with the peptide cream for the neck, it has a very calming effect. Another top product like many others from Revitaltrax 😍!


Aylin Yuksel


I use the revitaltrax collagen, grapefruit face scrub, the tea tree oil skin cleanser and the green clay detox mask! I had taken the before picture up close so I could see if I was getting results and yes I was!!! What I can say about Revitaltrax products: After using so many different brands and products, I made my last attempt with revitaltrax and yes bingo!!! After 4 months I saw a lot of changes in my skin, which became tighter and more even, as well as improvements in my nails, and hair. I really recommend it to everyone!

testimonial_dilek_dursun2 (1).jpg__PID:76b74f2e-7a94-443e-99a9-02d2285b7c3f

Dilek Dursun


What a great product! I have had this product for 2 years now and notice that my hair has become tremendously full. I must say that I have used several collagen brands, for example own brand etos and But with these, I didn't see any difference. For 2 years now, I have noticed that my hair has become enormously full and my nails much stronger. I also don't notice any wrinkles yet and my skin feels very fine.


Bianca Beljaars


Six months ago, I started using Revitaltrax Anti-Aging Collagen Complex. I notice that my skin has become firmer and fine lines are visibly reduced. Meanwhile, I use all the products in the picture. These are all very nice to use. The face wash is silky smooth and, combined with the moisturizing lotion, a very nice start to the day. I am very satisfied!


Kitty Hortensius


I have been using Revitaltrax complex for 3 years now and am very happy with it. My skin is much firmer, using the other products also makes it feel soft and look healthy and smooth. Previously I used another brand but now stick to Reviltrax 👍


Joke Schriek


This year I turned 72 years old. I am very happy with revitaltrax products. I have been using it for two years now I think. I feel more comfortable and my skin feels good. I will definitely continue to use it.


Romy Heel


Very nice products! I have been using the collagen powder for several months now and I don't want to be without it!!! Also the vitamin C serum is super nice! Have become such a fan of this brand that I have now ordered even more. Also the customer service is top notch! They give good advice and often there is a surprise with your order.


Sandra van Berkel


Lovely products from revitaltrax. I ordered the peptide booster last time and it spreads wonderfully and absorbs quickly. I use it in combination with the serums and the eye cream. It is important to me that the products are natural. And the pump is amazing. My skin glows from these products. I am 57 years old and find good care at my age important.


Jolein Walter


I use many different products and I love them all. People say I look good and that's how I feel. I use the products every day and I will continue to do so.


Marieke Dijkman


Since using RevitalTrax Cosmetics, my skin has improved significantly. My pores are getting smaller, my skin is no longer shiny and feels pleasantly hydrated. I now have a large portion of the line in my home and have reordered several times. Both morning and evening, I faithfully follow the recommended step-by-step plan where I alternate the serums, use the eye cream every night and treat myself to the clay mask every now and then. The modern, fresh look of the brand is also worth noting. It feels luxurious and at affordable prices.


Lucienne de Branbander


Since a few months I have been using some products from RevitalTrax and I am very satisfied. They are fine products and also with a friendly price!


Ingrid Ebbinkhuijsen


I am a very satisfied user of RevitalTrax. I have been using the sachets for over six months now and really notice an improvement in my skin, hair and nails. My skin is smoother and shows less blemishes. The fine lines really seem to have diminished! My nails are healthier and don't break off anymore. All by taking 1 sachet of RevitalTrax with a glass of water every day. Although it is quite an expense, I notice that it does something to me and therefore I really recommend it to everyone.

2023-12-19 Amal Alkhateeb_2.jpg__PID:94dac694-8e0d-4b26-ba42-29316de54019

Amal Alkhateeb


I love these products. I have been using it for 3 months with collagen. I noticed the difference of collagen from the first month. Even though I am 30 years old, I am sure that using collagen and taking good care of my skin from now on is good for my health and my skin. It is great, so I gathered my courage and bought the rest of the products as well. I am very happy.


Christen Hulst


I have been using the collagen since 2021 and now I use almost all of Revitaltrax's products. I am very satisfied! My favorite products are: Moisturizing lotion, vitamin c serum, peptide booster, eye cream and q10 day cream. These products are real must-haves to start your day fresh! My skin looks great! I will definitely keep using it ;) Now during black friday again restocked for the whole year 😀 Very happy with it!

testimonial_kim_kuipers (1).jpg__PID:2fe33533-9340-49bc-b3b7-9dad474a8312

Kim Kuijpers


After years of having acne, I was very excited to switch to another brand now that my skin was calm. I have been using Revitaltrax for six months now and am super satisfied! Everything feels great and my skin stays calm. I am a fan!After years of having acne, I was very excited to switch to another brand now that my skin was calm. I have been using Revitaltrax for six months now and am super satisfied! Everything feels great and my skin stays calm. I am a fan!


Isolde Lughthart


With my last order I received a bottle of q10 facial oil as a gift, and how happy you have made me with this.It gives my face a visible boost. I had a few blemishes and they are visibly reduced. My face shines, glows and looks fresher and healthier again.I would highly recommend the product, when this bottle is empty I will definitely go to your site soon and order a new one.As you read here I am very happy with this.


Ida Verkerk


I really think the RevitalTrax collagen is an amazing product. Hence this supply. I usually buy them on sale. My skin in particular gets visibly and tangibly better from it. Less deep wrinkles and blemishes. The product has no added taste which is also important to me. In short, I am very satisfied!


Jenny Nijsten


Very happy with the products from RevitalTrax. Started with the Collagen powder in the morning and then added more and more products that are great for my skin. On the left you see my morning ritual and on the right my evening ritual. Separately I also use scrubs, shampoo, and masks. I am glad RevitalTrax came my way. A must-try. And I'm sure, you'll keep trying out more products from RevitalTrax!!!


Vera Mulia


I have been using Revitaltrax products for a few months now,including collagen powder,anti hair loss shampoo and conditioner.I like it very much,I notice my skin and hair has improved,really recommend it! Soon I will try the day cream and the serum with vitamin C,I just ordered them,so I am curious! top products! Worth the price.

Sabrina vd Hoeven2.jpg__PID:1a579642-cb23-42fd-9c93-44cc07f2b989

Sabrina van der Hoeven


Super excited about all the products from revitaltrax! Can't pick just 1! I follow the step-by-step plan consistently and I am very happy with the improvement in the condition of my skin and even my hair! I also really appreciate the packaging of the collagen; nice convenient travel pouches and the correct dosage. I appreciate the product design of revitaltrax! Beautiful serums and jars!(Which makes using them extra pleasant!) Also super thoughtful of revitaltrax is the nice surprise that is sometimes added with my order!!! Totally awesome! Thank you revitaltrax for the amazing products! I use them every day with great pleasure! My skin, hair and nails are also very happy with them! :-)


Leny Mulders


Hello, I have been using the RevitalTrax shampoo and conditioner for almost a year now and I must say that my hairdresser said the other day that my hair is fuller and also not so frizzy anymore, but shiny. And the collagen complex I put in my coffee every morning, my skin is smoother because I had very chapped elbows and they are now smooth and soft. I am 73 years old and my face is also smoother and softer, the wrinkles could still go away more, I don't see such an improvement there myself, but those around me say I look good for my age. But overall I am very satisfied with the products!

testimonial_Nancy_Verrept .jpg__PID:4595f5b2-57e7-42ff-918b-8a76269aba56

Nancy Verrept


I have been using the collagen sticks from revitaltrax for about 8 months now and I notice that my wrinkles have become finer. In the meantime, I have well supplemented my range with several skincare products that I love one by one. The creams and serums soak into the skin nicely and the body lotion is also very gentle, absorbs quickly and has a pleasant scent. My latest purchase was the peptide booster face cream and this really comes highly recommended. Spreads well and has a very pleasant scent. As you can see I am a fan of all your products. 😁 Keep up the good work RevitalTrax!


Jennifer van de Kimmenade


The Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum are wonderful and easy to use. I use the collagen sticks every day, my skin is more even and my nails super strong!


Danielle van Dam


I have been using Revitaltrax collagen for several years now with the entire skincare line included. Wonderful stuff. I have always had troublesome skin and my skin has looked beautifully so good. By now my friends use it too. Regular gift with the order and the Revitaltrax friends program is super too!


Nancy Smit


A few months ago I started using the skincare products and collagen sticks from Revitaltrax. I am super satisfied and happy with the results. I just see and feel a real difference in a few months. No different brand for me anymore.


Marjolijn van Wijk


Very happy with RevitalTrax! I use the night cream, the vitamin C serum, and the cleansing face wash. I also take the collagen daily with my tea. I do really notice that the lines on my face are getting less. So happy with it!


Maureen Dangremond


Since using Revital Trax, my skin is much nicer and tighter. Every product does what it is supposed to do. I also stimulate my skin from the inside because of the collagen complex, and my nails and hair have never been stronger and shinier. REVITAL TRAX is unthinkable from my life anymore!🥰


Peggy Bloom


I have been using the Peptide Firming Treatment for neck and décolletage by Revitaltrax for a month now. Lovely cream that leaves the skin soft, and spreads easily too! In addition to the cream, I also use the serum! After a month the result is already visible.... Less lines in my neck and cleavage, and my skin is smoother. I will definitely keep using these products!


Nurgul Kucuk


Great product. I have been using it for about a year now and I am very satisfied. I will order it again and again and can only recommend it. I feel very fit in the morning and my hair and nails look healthier.


Annick Van Holderbeke


I am 60 years old. I have been using revitaltrax for over 1 year. First the collagen powders and now the serum and day cream. I am very satisfied. I notice that my skin is radiant and firmer and the lines are fading a bit. I am extremely satisfied. Highly recommended.


Nicolette Dijkgraaf


With this amazing collagen, I start my day. My hair is fuller, my skin healthier. I recommend this to everyone.


Linda olierook


I have been using Revitaltrax products for 8 months now. The anti-aging collagen complex the first 3 months every day, now every other day in a glass of water in the morning.

The tea tree oil skin cleanser, moisturizing lotion, vitamin C serum, retinol serum, multi-effect eye cream, hyaluronic cream day and night, and the anti-aging face scrub.

I am 42 years old and I can really see a difference since using the products. My fine wrinkles have disappeared and I have a nice smooth skin. Products absorb quickly. I have already recommended it to a few friends and they are also very satisfied with it. Revitaltrax often has great offers.


Nathalie Turel


Very nice products with natural ingredients. Clean label product that I was looking for. The products are economical to use and have a fresh scent.The products are quickly absorbed and soft for the skin. After 3 weeks I already really have a better and softer skin. I am very satisfied with them. I also like the price/quality ratio.


Daan Flaman


I have been using various skincare products from RevitalTrax for several months and I am extremely satisfied with them. The creams and serums soak into the skin nicely. I also drink a glass of water with collagen powder daily to care for the skin from the inside out. In short: I like all the products equally. Highly recommended!


Patricia Snitkers


I have been using the skin cleanser tea tree oil for several years now and I can't live without it. I have no more pimples, no more dry skin and my face feels clean and fresh. It is a sensation, just like the perfect combination I have found with the vitamin c serum and the hyaluronic day cream. Fine lines disappear and my face looks fresher. Even after little sleep.


Marye Ravensbergen


I have been using the Collagen shampoo and conditioner from Revitaltrax for quite some time now and I am very happy with it. There are no harmful substances in it and it also makes your hair beautiful! Highly recommended! I also have the body lotion, and it absorbs quickly but also moisturizes well, so I am very satisfied with this as well.


Helma Abbenhuis


1 Year ago I started taking RevitalTrax collagen. I was still recovering from a new hip that I got because of my osteoarthritis. I am super satisfied because I am also much less bothered by my osteoarthritis. I am 70 years old and I have my life back thanks to Revital Trax.

Conny Zuidhof


I am very satisfied with the Revitaltrax products. I have been using the collagen powder and the different creams and serums for about 2 years now. I notice that my skin feels better and the products are also very suitable under my make-up. The creams, serums and collagen have given my skin a fresher look and the fine wrinkles have faded. In short a radiant skin but also health from within. I am very satisfied with the result.

Margie van der Geugten


I am very satisfied with the products I use from Revitaltrax. The results are really visible and I am not 18 anymore. My skin is softer than before I used the products, I will also continue to use the scrub and cleanser I received as gifts with my orders.

Sandra Maginet


Herewith a picture of the product with which I am very satisfied and I really recommend to everyone !!!

Loes Smits


Revitaltrax products really work great for me! I have been using the collagen powder, face care creams, shampoo etc for a long time and my skin has improved tremendously and feels softer and smoother! I am more than satisfied and recommend it to everyone! The prices are very reasonable and since you don't need much cream, serum or shampoo they are so economical to use as well! Am a satisfied customer!!!

Eleni Vasilikos


I have been using collagen powder from RevitalTrax for over a year now and for the past 6 months I have also been using the serums Retinol, Vitamin C (previously other brand) and Hyaluronic Acid. I think the Retinol, Vitamin C and collagen in particular have reduced my lines and made my skin clearer. I have less pimples and blemishes so I am very satisfied. I find the prices very reasonable, so will definitely continue to use these!

Anita Beumer


I have been using the Revitaltrax Anti aging Collagen Complex for about 2 years and is part of my daily morning ritual. My hair has become fuller and shiny and nails stronger. Also my face is more radiant and soft, thanks to the combination with the Hyaluronic serum. I am especially pleased with the Q10 Facial Oil. It is very nourishing and smells fantastic! I also use this nourishing oil in the evening. I recently advised an acquaintance to use this after she asked what I was using and she is so happy with it! I'm a fan 😀

Monique Lilith


Totally satisfied with the collagen powder sticks. I have been using them for several months now and my skin looks a lot brighter. My hair shines much more. Great product!

Mary Dalebout


I absolutely love the revitaltrax moisturizing lotion, wonderfully fresh and nourishing.

Elif Yalcinkaya


I have been using the collagen for a long time, it is addictive. I noticed change in my face right away; tight and shiny. I'm not exaggerating, you notice it right away! My nails no longer break and no more hair loss... this collagen powder is simply the best! First 6 / 8 months I used it every day, now every day or every 2 days and it is just PERFECT! Now I also used the facial mask 1 time and immediately saw the positive effects! I am also going to use the eye cream from today and I trust 100% that this one is going to be my darling as well. Revitaltrax LOVE YOU

Ina van der veer


Hello, I am Ina, 65 years old and have been using your products for quite some time. Am super happy with it and will continue to use it. Whenever you have great sales I usually make my move 🤣 My hair has become fuller thanks to the shampoo and conditioner. Facial products I am also very happy with. I would say to everyone, try it! Is definitely worth it. You just need to have patience.

Reina Icke Gaal


I am Reina, 73 years old and have been using various products for about 2 weeks and am very satisfied with them. There is clearly a difference already, my skin looks a lot more radiant. I will definitely continue to use it. Already placed an order three times. The products are: dissolve the anti-aging collagen complex sticks in water once a day. Purifying face scrub twice a week. Skin cleanser twice a day. Moisturizing lotion twice a day. Multi-effect eye cream twice a day. Vitamin-C serum twice a day. Q10 serum twice a day. Hyaluronic day cream with SPF 30 once a day. Q10 Facial Oil once a day. Q10 night cream anti-aging once a day. All these products are quickly absorbed into the skin and feel soft. Highly recommended.

Ricarda Gentile


Very happy with revitaltrax's products, I have been using the collagen for almost a year and see a clear difference in my face, a much more open look in my eyes. But also notice it in my hair and nails. Recently I also started using the multi effect eye cream and the dark circles are less.

Marijke van der Hulst


I have been using RevitalTrax for quite some time and to my complete satisfaction. I just finished a 600 km hike in Spain and Portugal. My skin was a bit neglected, but once home I started using my products and the facial mask again. My skin is hydrated again and clearly refreshed.

Danielle van Dam


Great products. My skin has never looked so good. Many friends and family now use the powders and facial care. The packaging is also beautiful and the products are well priced. When you order you also regularly receive a gift and the Revitaltrax friends program is also great. Very satisfied!

Joke van der Ven


Such nice products. I started using the sticks to reduce the deeper grooves above my mouth and after a month I actually saw this happening. RevitalTrax's other products are also wonderful for the face and body, so from now on I know where I buy my anti-aging products. Nutrition from within and through serums and creams, how wonderful that RevitaTrax has all this and I have finally found it. A nice side effect is what others say: You look so good, even when I'm not wearing any make-up.

Tineke Eckhardt


I have been using the multi-effect eye cream for a short time now. My experience is that it is a nice, airy cream. Notice that the skin around my eyes is less dry and less swollen. I hope that after a little longer use the blue glow will also diminish slightly. So far very satisfied with the product and will therefore continue to use it. A very satisfied customer here.

Hennie van Tillo


The Revitaltrax products are so great!! Have been using 4 products from the brand for a few months now: The Anti-Aging Collagen Complex, Multi-Effect Eye Cream, Hyaluronic Serum and Vitamin-C Serum. You feel that your skin is becoming firmer, fresher and softer.

The eye cream is great!! Hydrates great!! The Anti-Aging Collagen Complex is also nice, your nails become stronger, your hair gets a boost and becomes fuller plus your skin feels a little firmer over time!! Serums are wonderful, your skin feels fresher and firmer.

I highly recommend these products. After all, you want to keep looking beautiful as a woman. Especially if you have already passed 60, like me. The service from this company is also very good. Great promotions, very good price ratio, very attentive. Am happy with you guys, keep up the good work!!!

Brenda Nickol


My name is Brenda and I am 53 years old. I have been using the collagen sticks from revitaltrax for about 9 months now. After 3 months I really started to notice that my skin became tighter, had less spots and really looked and felt healthier. After 6 months I also started using the day and night cream and the eye cream. Never before could I use eye cream without irritation but this one is great! I will remain a loyal customer from now on. Very happy with all the products.

Maureen van Dijk


I have been using Revitaltrax products in combination with the collagen powder for a few months now. My skin feels wonderfully soft. All the products are so nice to use that I would recommend them to anyone. Revitaltrax also has a great service and regularly has great deals! Keep up the good work!

Isolde Lugthart


As a person over 65, I thought I would go crazy and order a vitamin C serum. Pleased? Of course. My skin feels wonderfully soft after a short period of using it, it really feels like a boost for my face. It is nice that this serum will also strengthen the skin. I'm glad I discovered this brand. The day and night creams are great and I highly recommend them.

Esther van de Weijer


I have been using all RevitalTrax facial products for a year and am extremely satisfied with my results. I had very bad redness in my face and dry spots on my forehead and cheeks. Because I use all the products and they are well coordinated, my skin has visibly changed, no more red spots and no dry spots. I also use the Collagen powder from RevitalTrax and my hair has become noticeably fuller and my skin is smoother. I recommend all the products.

Marloes Flink


I am very enthusiastic about the anti-hairloss shampoo. I have tried many shampoos for my thinning hair. Nothing worked until I tried RevitalTrax. The hair loss stopped immediately and instead of a hand full of hair and clogged shower drains, it is now limited to about 4 hairs per wash. Even the hairdresser saw that the hair roots contain more hair and that it is growing slowly. I first wash it with a cheap shampoo to remove the first grease and then I massage it well with RevitalTrax and let it soak in for a few minutes. It takes good care of my hair and scalp. As long as this product continues to do its job, I will continue to buy it!

Andronis Roijakkers


My experience with revitaltrax is that before I used revitaltrax I suffered from a dry spot on my left cheek, my skin flaked off every few days. Then I heard about Revital Trax collagen, which is what I started using first. After about three months I noticed the difference. My skin has gotten much better, no more dry spots and skin has become much softer. I use revitaltrax for my face and body. I couldn't live without it, I am now 76 years old and I want to grow old with revitaltrax.

Yvonne Muller


OMG this product is absolutely fantastic! After two months a clear difference can be seen. My eyes look less tired, my skin looks younger and what happened to my chin? What you can't see in the photo, but which is a great side effect, is that my cellulite has also been significantly reduced. I'm no longer ashamed to be seen in my bathing suit. I also receive so many compliments in my environment and recently a friend who I had not seen for a long time asked if I had had a cosmetic treatment! Nope, collagen is the answer. No needles, just have a drink.

Daan muller


I have been using the revitaltrax anti-hair loss shampoo for quite some time and am very satisfied with it! My hair is visibly improving and feels nice. It does not contain silicone or sulphate and that is why I would definitely recommend this product to other people and men. It is really worth the money. The shampoo was also delivered quickly without any problems. So if you are looking for a new shampoo, definitely try this one.

Patcha Holland


I love this product.

Halina Boriszova


I started using RevitalTrax products 3 months ago. Back then I was searching for a VERISOL® collagen supplement to reduce my dramatic hair loss and to fight fine lines and wrinkles on my face, which literary tripled in the last 9 months. After a month of taking RevitalTrax, I noticed that my skin became more radiant and my shedding reduced. And, what was unexpected, the jaw pain I had for a year (consequences of a trauma) vanished. So I ordered Advanced complex as a present for my mom. And I decided to try Revitaltrax skincare. As for today, I regularly use Ultra Rich Body Lotion and the Multi-Effect Eye Cream. My mom uses Collagen Complex, Q10 serum, and Q10 Night Cream. She loves all of them. We both, mom and I, would like to thank the RevitalTrax team for such good products and for the constant support they provide to their clients.

Lies Hermans


I have been using the products for over six months. As you can see, I'm very excited about it. My hair looks fuller, my nails and skin have gotten a big boost. So I will continue with these great products.

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Sandra Maginet


I am very satisfied with all your products, the serums, the cream and also the collagen sticks. I motivated my girlfriend to use your products and she has already used a few products and is also satisfied! My cupboard is already full and I will definitely continue to use them 👍

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I started using your products through a friend! Like her, I am also very satisfied. My skin looks visibly calmer and more even.

Hanny den Hartog


Very happy with it, good product that does what it should do.

Lieve Maes


I have been using RevitalTrax care products for 3 weeks, my skin looks much better (hydrated yet not greasy). Moreover, the night cream smells wonderful, they are great products, I'm a fan! ❤️

Lieve Maes


The retinol cream is a wonderful cream and that is why my skin is no longer dry.

Petra Sentjens


Since I started using Revitaltrax my nails have grown very quickly and my face has become softer. I scrub my face once a week, I don't have this in the photo, but that product also works well.

Ellis aan het Rot


Have been using the Revitaltrax anti-aging collagen complex for a month now and have been using the eye cream and the day cream for about 2 weeks. I also want to use the night cream and see the result. I have had very sensitive skin since January this year and I also visit the dermatologist. It feels very good. I am very happy.

Ingrid Cloots


I have been using several Revitaltrax products for more than half a year and I am very satisfied with them! My skin is much smoother and tighter, less cellulite, on my face the fine lines are more faded and I feel very good when using this! I will definitely continue to use the products! I would like to give you a tip; the body wash and body lotion are 2 wonderful pampering products! My skin has never felt so soft!

Wendy van der Pol


Just wanted to let you know how. I am very happy with your products.. almost 50 and my skin responds great to them! This is what I was looking for for my troublesome skin. Collagen every morning. Fashwash every morning and evening. Vitamin C serum every morning under a factor 50 cream Eye cream every evening Night cream every evening Shampoo 2x a week Cream rinse 2x a week. And now also ordered a facial scrub.

Sifa Temur


My skin is becoming more even and feels soft 🤩 thanks to my top products from Revitaltrax

Isabel Vercauteren


I am now a fan of many Revitaltrax products! I use the collagen supplement daily, but also the care products, such as creams and serums. Very pleasant and fresh to use. And it also works great for my skin: fewer brown spots, more hydrated skin and fewer lines! After the normal range, I now purchased these super Q10 products.

Vienna Brand


I am satisfied with this product because it makes the fine wrinkles on my face less visible.

Lizet Heijckers


My hair has become a lot fuller and the conditioner smells so wonderful! Don't want another one! 😀

Melania Hagiu


Thanks to Revitaltrax my hair came back to life, thicker and shinier as before! Love it!

Karin Luke


I have now spread the RevitalTrax religion to many colleagues and friends, it really works! The new fans think this too! I am very happy that this product came my way and that I can experience what it is like to have skin with a healthy glow and finer lines... Now I also want to purchase skin care products, a serum will be a first step are. On the way to the next investment in great natural skin care! Thank you!

Mieke Tettelaar


I have been using RevitalTrax sticks and the scrub for 4 months now and my hair is falling out less and my skin looks firmer. I think it's also good for my resistance, because I haven't had a cold or been sick. Definitely continue with it.

Jose Andre


A very good product for skin, hair and nails!

Lia Lether


I have been using the RevitalTrax anti-aging collagen complex for six months now and I especially notice that my hair is fuller and grows faster. I often add it to my orange juice in the morning.

John Grammatikos


Your products are excellent. First of all ofcourse is the Collagen and the Active day Creme SPF 30.

Erna van Buggenum


I am really satisfied with REVITALTRAX, my skin has received a real boost. In addition to the collagen, I also use all the skin care products and they are fantastic too. My lines are diminishing and my skin always looks freshly cared for. So I recommend REVITALTRAX products.

Astrid Luke


What great products you have! Taking care of your skin from within with daily collagen powder really works! I have already received many compliments about how radiant and smooth my skin looks and then those people have also started using your collagen powder and face cream. I can't wait to get acquainted with even more Revitaltrax products.

Stefanie Ivens


I have been taking a stick of Revitaltrax collagen in my coffee every morning for more than half a year and I feel great about it. No, my wrinkles are not gone because it is not a magical miracle cure, but my skin is more radiant and my hair and nails look healthier and longer and my osteoarthritis is also less painful. I once stopped taking revitaltrax for a week to test something else, but after a week I really missed it and started again, love my revitaltrax and the nice packaging!

Kirsten Zweers


Here is a review from a happy satisfied user. I am a skin improvement specialist myself, but unfortunately had to stop my company 3 years ago due to illness. Last year I started collagen supplementation and a few weeks later also eye cleansing and day/night creams and serums. I recently started using the Q10 anti-aging serum and cream during the day and the retinol products at night. I love all the products, and in the summer the vitamin C serum is wonderful day and night. No negatives regarding the products. The only disadvantage for me is the pots, I prefer pump bottles and also prefer unbreakable material... if you travel a lot it is difficult to take with you.

Ineke Couwenberg


I am super satisfied with RevitalTrax products, especially the collagen complex, Super product. 👍

Joan van den Brink


I have been using it for 3 months now, very satisfied, hair is thicker, psoriasis is less and nails are stronger. I will definitely continue to use it.

Jan Joontjes


I started using the collagen powder a year ago and I really like it! After 2 months I saw an improvement in my skin and my joints have not bothered me since. I now use almost all RevitalTrax products and I clearly see a difference compared to a year ago. My favorite is the moisturizing lotion. This is really a must-have after cleansing your face. I use vitamin C and the hyaluronic serum during the day and it gives a nice healthy glow to your face. At night I use retinol and Q10 serum. The Q10 serum is also a real must-have. I also use the day and night cream. In short... I am super satisfied with all these products and I will definitely continue to use them 😀

Ramona Will


Yes, yes, after I turn 30 I really have to start thinking about growing older. That is why I started using RevitalTrax for a few months. After a few weeks I already noticed a difference. By using Revitaltrax my skin has become more radiant and fine lines are less. Of course it doesn't make your wrinkles disappear spontaneously, but I definitely notice an improvement. I have also been using the facial care products for a few weeks now and the hair products are ready to use! In short: a satisfied customer who purchases more and more products.

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