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Based on 1951 reviews
Wonderful day and night cream

Good price And the quality is very good. It spreads well and my skin feels soft. Definitely a keeper!

Multi-Effect Eye Cream
Miranda Massaar
Super good eye cream

Another good eye cream spreads well, and the skin around my eyes looks good.

Best night cream ever

I have been using all your products for at least a year now…AMAZING

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo
Ferna Meijboom
Great product

Since using this shampoo and conditioner, my hair seems fuller and is genuinely stronger. No more problems with hair loss and/or tangles. I am curious about revitaltrax's other products. I'm definitely going to try this one out.

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo
Elise Van der Hoorn
Anti-hair loss shampoo

I wash my hair twice a week, but unfortunately the shampoo does nothing for my hair. I have the feeling that it gets greasy faster and I still have a brush full of hair... too bad.

Your hair and scalp need some time to get used to the natural products, without all kinds of additives. This may take a few weeks, but you will then notice that the hair looks and feels much healthier. To make the transition a little easier, you could alternate it with the regular shampoos you normally use in the beginning. This way you gradually reduce it!

Hyaluronic Day and Night Cream
Patricia Devos Devos
Day and night cream in one

It feels good and really works, my skin looks better

Happy with RevitalTrax

After using a number of other types of collagen, I started RevitalTrax. After about 2 months I noticed that the lines became slightly less, I had fuller hair and I had less or no more problems with my arthritis complaints! Win-win-win!! I also started using the shampoo and conditioner 2 weeks ago. I don't notice any difference (yet), but it may be too early for that. Opening a package from RevitalTrax is truly a gift!! What well-cared for packages you send! I work at H&B and also sell collagen there. I have already gotten several customers just as enthusiastic! So definitely keep promoting!!

Q10 face oil

This is my first time using this oil and I really like it. I already have oily skin, but the oil does not let my skin feel greasy. A good product. It gives my face a nice glow.

Anti-Aging Collagen Complex Pro
Nelly Vankeirsbilck
Very good

Excellent product! There are clear results and I feel comfortable with this product.

Does nothing

I wouldn't buy it again. No difference after four months

What a pity to hear! Our customers generally see a difference after 2-4 months of use. It may happen that it takes a little longer for one person than for another. Patience is literally a virtue when it comes to replenishing collagen!

Can I use Peptide Booster Face together with Vit C?

Which serums to use or not to use?

The peptide booster cream can be combined with all serums!

Very enthusiastic

I ordered the collagen complex for the first time about a month ago. Because I suffer from thinning hair, which also breaks easily, I searched the internet for products that could help reduce this. So I ended up on the Revitaltrax website. I carefully started ordering 1 box of collagen complex, to initially see what I think of it. Now 1 month later I have already placed the next order and I am so enthusiastic that I also want to order other products. My hair is not suddenly thicker or fuller, I think that a month is just too short to be able to properly assess that. I do notice from the growth of my hair (which normally does not grow very quickly) that it does grow faster and I have many new hairs. What I am very excited about at the moment is the condition of my skin. After very quickly using the collagen complex, it is much firmer and very soft and smooth. I always have rough scaly patches of psoriasis on my knees, elbows and hands. The discoloration of the skin is still there, but the roughness and flakiness are gone and it now feels smooth. And what I never expected, the cellulite on my thighs and buttocks is a lot less. Much tighter skin. So I bought it for my hair and many other benefits. I will continue to use this and am curious to see what it will do for my hair in the longer term.

2% Hyaluronic Serum
Rita de wulf
Hyaluronic serum

Great product, have been using it for several months as well as the other products. Very satisfied.

Eye cream

have been using the eye cream for a few months now and am very satisfied. Spreads very easily and is not greasy. I also see a clear difference, no more bags under the eyes. It will also last you a very long time.

Collagen complex

In the third month, not much change... I think I'll just hold on a little longer.

In general, our customers see results after 2-4 months of use. It may happen that it takes a little longer for one person than for another, age and lifestyle play an important role in this. Give it some time, results will come!

Peptide facial cream

Very nice product, not much is needed, spreads well, smells nice and is not greasy.

Super collage!

Have been using REVITAL TRAX collagen for about a year now! I like it very much!! My skin, hair and nails are in very good condition.

I am a little disappointed in the order that I placed but have not yet received.

The previous order went well, within 2 days I received 3 + 3 orders. Now I have again paid for another 3+ 3 ORDER, BUT I SEE NOTHING APPEARING. A Pity IF I HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE ORDER BY MONDAY, I WILL CANCEL IT AND WANT MY MADE PAYMENT TO BE REFUNDED, THANK YOU B.Boer H.Boer Verstijnen

Anti-Aging Collagen Complex Pro
Ingrid Ebbinkhuijsen
Just be patient, and then you will have something

I have been using it for almost 3 months now and I am slowly starting to notice the effect. Skin, hair and nails are more beautiful, smoother and stronger. I think it is very expensive, but worth the money.

2% Hyaluronic Serum
Christa Du Mont
Good serum

Nice serum that feels pleasant on the skin. I use 3 drops for neck and face both in the morning and in the evening. I have also been using the collagen powder for a few weeks now and I have the impression that my skin already feels a bit "fuller".

Fuller eyelashes, irritated eyes

In a few weeks my eyelashes became noticeably fuller, but my eyes became irritated and I could no longer go outside without sunglasses. Computer light also became too bright. After stopping the complaints decreased. So not suitable for me.

Peptide Booster Face Cream
Helinde Vleugels
Fantastic effect, but no SPf?

already had the powder, serums and day and night cream from you. Now that I started this cream with the peptides 2-3 weeks ago, I see a big improvement again. The nasolabial fold is less deep. My cheeks are firmer. The jawline is tighter. Only disadvantage: it contains no SPF. I do not understand why. Now I have to apply another day cream over it during the day. The whole thing is too much for my skin, which has caused me to get more pimples. I also saw that the effect decreases with certain acids. It is unclear to me whether I can combine the cream with all your other products. 5 stars given the enormous improvement I see in filling and elasticity.

The peptide booster cream is a day and night cream. As a result, no SPF has been added. The cream can be combined with all other products. If you apply a day cream with SPF over the booster cream, wait a few minutes. This gives the cream without SPF time to penetrate the skin. Great to hear that you are otherwise satisfied with it!

Better than expected

I have been using the entire neck line for 6 weeks and I have already noticed that fine lines are less visible. The products are wonderful to use, spread well so you don't need a lot and therefore last a long time. Highly recommended!

12% Vitamin-C Serum
Fouzia Fatouh
Great product

I order almost all of your products and am very satisfied with them, I have also convinced a number of acquaintances and they have also become regular customers. I often hear from them that they receive a gift with every order. Too bad you don't do this with all customers.

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo
Ingrid Lenaers
It works!

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for two weeks now and I have to say it really works for me. I'm going to order more and also try the collagen powder.