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Based on 204 reviews
5 stars product

pleasant to use, leaves your hair feeling thicker and softer immediately after which it is easier to comb your hair

lovely product

Revital Trax shampoo makes your hair soft and supple but above all thicker and pleasant to the touch and this in combination with the conditioner is highly recommended for your hair.


Brilliant product, really makes your hair look fantastic. Would recommend to anyone.

A must have.

I have been taken this every morning for almost one month and can recommend it. I know it is 6 weeks recommend to be able to see a difference but even after 4 weeks I feel better in myself. I have purchased more for my husband son and daughter. You must try this I’m sure you’ll feel better for it.

I've been using it for 2 week now and it really works. Beautiful shiny skin, nails are firmer and hair feels fuller. I will definitely continue to use it😍👌🏻

Like this shampoo

Great product!


At first I had my doubts whether this product would add value to my routine. Nothing could be further from the truth! Together with the facial cleanser, this is a good combination. You really notice a difference. Very happy with it!

Top product!

Of all the facial cleaners this is my absolute favorite. It foams, smells well and cleans perfectly. You don't need much, and I think that's a plus.

Great product

This works! Excellent product and my skin is so refurbished. My hair looks better and it grows faster. My nails have become beautiful, highly recommended!

Regular - 1 to 2 months

I'm sohappy. My hair is stronger and my skin firm and soft. I recommend everyone 😍

Very well, I recommend, after 3 weeks my hair stopped falling and the skin was firmer🙂

Very satisfied

My face looks healthy. Fewer wrinkles and a natural shine. Also, I finally have nails that are decent again.

Very satisfied

After a few days of use, I already noticed a difference in my eyes, less fine lines. Now after 6 weeks I notice that my skin is fuller and looks better everywhere. My hairdresser said my hair is fuller. I'm definitely going to go through with it!

The Hyaluronic Serum

Good serum, really keeps the skin beautiful throughout the day. It's making my skin smoother. Is a keeper. I use it in the morning.

Not so happy yet

I have been using the RevitalTrax for 6 weeks now and daily. I also use The Serums. I have to say I didn't notice much difference from before I used this.

Reviltrax collagen sticks

I am very satisfied with the collagen sticks. I've been using it for about six weeks now and my house really looks better. There's some kind of glow on it, and lines are softer. My house looks more hydrated. I'm definitely going to keep going!

It does the job

I (59 yrs.) now use the sticks for 6 weeks and see that the skin in my face becomes smoother and fuller. Fewer hamster cheeks and lines. The skin of my body also looks better. Even though I've lost weight for the past few weeks, i can't see that in my face. I use a stick every night and want to keep doing this for another 2 weeks. Then 4 times a week (the days with a z and d are a good tool). The product is highly recommended! When my current hyaluronic serum is up I plan to use the vitamin C serum as well.

Delicious serum!

Fine thin serum, which retracts quickly, does not stick and gives off a delicious fragrance. A "boost" for your face! Recommended.

Soft creme!

Fine airy face cream. Lubricates nicely and quickly pulls into the skin. After first use, your skin will feel soft. I use this cream for day and night alongside the cleanser, lotion and Vit.C serum. Subtle/fresh fragrance.

Collagen sticks woman

I take a stick of collagen in a glass of water every day, in the evening before bed. I've now started my 2nd box of 30 sticks. What I notice most is the volume of my hair. Due to the corona and the closing of the hairdressers my hair was longer than usual (I come from a short coupe). Due to the menopause my hair has thinned and after more than a month of using the sticks of RevitalTrax I do notice a difference in the structure. My design was my skin at first but I don't notice much of the difference. This may need more time given my age and menopausal changes. Also my nails grow particularly well but unfortunately I can not enjoy that as I give therapeutic treatments and my nails have to stay short :-). So as a general decision, it does do something. For my skin I will have to write a new review after a few months.

Very satisfied

I've been using it for almost a month now and My cellulite has been greatly reduced and I see that the wrinkle in my eye is also becoming less deep. A very satisfied customer and definitely keep using it!

WOW. "!

I started with the sticks RevitalTrax, indeed a strange (earth-like, muddy) taste, I put a little syrup in it, and then it's fine to drink. Besides the fact that it does something to your body. I've been drinking for 6 weeks now, first month every day, now three days of the week! I had a lot of discomforts (just turned 50) Terrible hair fallout, eczema, flaccid nails and a hemorrhoid that came when it felt like it. I can honestly say that I don't have any more trouble with anything. Incredibly but true, all the expensive remedies, medications and creams of the general practitioner do nothing compared to this medicine. I am so om, that I also started to use the hyaluronic serum, skin cleanser with the tea tree oil the moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid and anti-hair loss shampoo plus the conditioner. So I say people, no more doubting just DO,'!!

Excellent product

Hello, I'm Fred and 51y. Have been using this for 2 months. THE results are as promised. The skin is fuller and less hair loss. A top 👍quality product.