Mini Products

At RevitalTrax, we understand how important convenience and the ability to try products are when it comes to skincare. That is why we have made a selection of our beloved products available in convenient mini packs. These minis give you the flexibility to take your favourite skincare products with you wherever you go or to try them out first before you decide to go for the full-size version.

Why choose our mini products?

Try out without obligation
New to RevitalTrax? Our mini packs allow you to try out a product first before opting for a full-size pack.

Convenient on the go
Whether you are travelling or just out and about, our mini packs fit perfectly in your bag or suitcase. You can always enjoy your skincare wherever you are.

Ideal for giving away
RevitalTrax's mini packs are also great gift options. Introduce your friends and family to the beauty secrets you love!