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Anti-Aging Collagen Complex

what ingredients does the Anti-Aging Collagen Complex contain?
Why should I use collagen peptides?
What is the origin of the collagen used in the anti-aging collagen complex?
How much collagen do I lose and when does it start?
When and how should I start using the anti-aging collagen complex?
Can collagen be digested by the body?
Can I use this product while I am pregnant?
Can the anti-aging collagen complex be taken in combination with medication?
Are there allergies associated with the anti-aging collagen complex?
How does the anti-aging collagen complex taste?
When is the best time of day to take the anti-aging collagen complex?
What is the daily dosage of the anti-aging collagen complex?
How long does it take to see results?
Which type of collagen is best for skin and hair?
Why is the anti-aging collagen complex powdered and not a tablet?
Will my weight increase with the use of the anti-aging collagen complex?
Is the product tested for quality and safety?
What if I stop taking the anti-aging collagen complex?

Skincare Serums

Which skincare serums are there?
How do I use the 3 serums together?
Can I safely apply the serums under/around my eyes?
How long does the serum last?
What is the shelf life of the serums?
What is the difference between a serum and a cream?
Can I only use a serum instead of a cream?
What is the pH value of the serums and what does this mean?


What are the shipping costs?
What is the delivery time?
Change delivery
Missed DHL delivery?
How does the ordering process go? (shopping cart, entering data, payment, confirmation)
What is the return policy?
Do I shop safely at RevitalTrax?
Is it possible to sell RevitalTrax in my business?
When can I reach RevitalTrax?