RevitalTrax tried and tested by

RevitalTrax tried and tested by

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She recently blogged about RevitalTrax. "A fresher look with RevitalTrax products!"

Vitamin-C Serum


"There was a pipette in the bottle with which you can easily suck up the serum and spread it on your face. It absorbs quickly and makes your skin soft. In case of impurities, this serum also protects against irritation. It prevents inflammation and helps to restore the skin so that spots after a pimple fade faster. This is a product that my skin really wanted!"

Anti-Aging Collagen Complex

"The RevitalTrax Regular contains 30 sticks, which you can use for at least 1 to 2 months. RevitalTrax Anti-Aging Collagen Complex is a unique drinkable blend of patented VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides and other active ingredients, developed for a more beautiful and healthier skin. and its structure. it has been proven by clinical studies that an active complex is what the skin from within nourishes and gives a younger look. There are added sugars, sweeteners, flavors or additives. RevitalTrax contains 100% pure ingredients. I continue with this, and am very curious if my skin will look even better after prolonged use."

Moisturizing day/night cream with hyaluronic acid


"When I opened the jar, I was the first to find a spatula. I really like that, because I don't mind anything like having just showered and then getting cream under my nails. The cream itself is really thick, but really feels wonderful on your skin. It also absorbs quickly, I immediately got the feeling that my skin was really nourished. "

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