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RevitalTrax now has a large fan base. Every day we get very happy with all the submitted photos, positive reviews and experiences.

Nelly Daubigny


RevitalTrax does what it promises. I clearly saw the difference quite quickly and not just me, my husband too 😃. My skin becomes smoother and thicker. What is also handy are the sachets... I can take them everywhere. I am very satisfied and that is why I continue to use it. La vie est belle 🌻

M. Bakker


This lady is very satisfied with your products, but the anti-aging collagen complex stands out for me; This works very well for me, the skin becomes fuller and the wrinkles fade slightly! I am now over 70 years old and believe that skin care from within gives the best results. The next product will be the Q10 anti-aging day cream, I am very curious about it!

Ilse Dijkman


I am definitely a happy customer! I have been using Revitaltrax for six months now and notice that my hair is fuller and my skin is softer with a nice glow. I will definitely continue to use it!

Fadila Attaimoum


I have been using Revitaltrax for over a year now. I saw it on TV and I was curious about this product, especially because you can drink it. It works from within. When I saw it on RTLZ I was completely sold. I immediately ordered the day/night cream, night cream serums, facial cleansing, lotion, scale and even for my eyelashes. The difference is clearly visible. I even recommended it to my colleague. I am 46 years old and I am a very satisfied customer.

Nicolette Dijkgraaf


So happy with revitaltrax products. I start my day with a stick of powder in warm water and end my day with the serum on my skin. Recommended!

Josée van der lans


I have been using Revitaltrax for more than six months now. I've always had problematic skin, but that's a thing of the past. I use almost the entire facial range and am very pleased!!

Maria koevoets


The hyaluronic serum is my favorite because it moisturizes my dry older skin perfectly and instantly without feeling greasy!

Marjan van Houwelingen


I have recently started using the hyaluronic sheet mask. Wonderful product, very soft skin after use. I apply the other serum to the neck and hands. A small downside is that the holes around the eyes/nose are small. I have to trim the holes myself otherwise the serum will run into my eyes and sting.

Chantal de Kruijff


Hello, I am a happy customer. I really enjoy using your facial products and the collagen sticks. These products make my skin visibly more beautiful and my skin feels healthier. Facial lines fade and you look fresher. It makes me happy.

Sacha Nieuwkoop


Here is my photo with the products that I am so happy with and within a week I can add the day cream to them. Finally my old jar is almost empty 😉. I have been a fan of you and the products since January. I'm always hesitant because I've tried so much. All items are great, but you certainly can't do without the Retinol Serum. I have suffered quite a lot from impurities and pimples, but this serum hardly allows this. Just a few drops every evening and it really does its job. Ultimately I also want to purchase the skin cleanser. Definitely recommend it and of course don't forget the Revital Trax bags. You get wrinkles as you get older, but this certainly helps. All in all a very satisfied customer 😃.

Daniëlle Scheffer


The RevitalTrax collagen stick is my favorite product of the entire line that I use! Your skin feels soft, I feel fit, I am very satisfied! Very nice brand with very nice products! 👌🏼

Diane van Engelen


I haven't been using the product for very long, but I already notice a difference in my skin. I have had eczema all my life and have noticed that lately the skin feels softer.

Yvonne van Lokhorst


My experience is that my joints feel better. I like it 👊

Fiona Bakker


I use this fantastic product since June and I am very happy, skin more soft, smoother and less wrinkles, hair and nails also in a much better condition, would like to try the serums as well!! Thanks 😊 Never felt better at 50!!

Helma Borst


The serums and cream are a blessing for my skin. I am now almost 68 years old and my face feels wonderful.

Mariek Priem-Hartholt


I am happy with Revitaltrax. I am 45 years old and I hope to have and maintain a somewhat youthful appearance for a long time to come. My hair is starting to grow a little fuller again, even though I still have a lot of hair loss due to menopause. I'm happy!!

Mieke Gomberg


Ik gebruik de Revitaltrax produkten nu sinds enige tijd en heb onlangs ook de Hyaluronic serum toegevoegd. Ik ben erg tevreden over de producten en blij met mijn laatste aanvulling.

Carolien de wever


After taking medication I suffered a lot from hair loss. For the past three months, I have been taking Revitaltrax, and the bald spots have disappeared. My hair continues to improve. I have also purchased the shampoo, but I haven't used it yet. So far, I am very satisfied.

An Montmorency


I have been using the collagen for over a month now, and my skin is glowing, my hair is growing again, it's like the menopause has come to a halt. The day cream and night cream are delightful products, gentle and nourishing. The eye serum is truly a recommendation, and I've just started using the eyebrow product; I'm curious to see the results. I'm very happy to have discovered your products. They deliver what you promise ❤️

Sandra van Emmerik


I have been using various Revitaltrax products for a while now and I am really very satisfied 😍. Really notice a difference 🤩

Cintia Barbosa


Revitraltrax is the best product I've tried. As it promised, after continued use, I could notice fuller, less saggy skin. In addition to the very neutral flavor, easy to ingest. I have the best skin I've ever had!

San Polder


The only Effective daily duo serums. Vitamin C Serum for the mornings. Retinol Serum for the evenings🥂

Denise van Zundert


I have been using the retinol serum and the other care products for 3 months now and I love it! It really helps reduce inflammation in my face and you can really feel a difference when you wake up in the morning!

Petra vd Linden


I am 55 years old. Since late 2018, I have undergone 8 surgeries due to breast cancer and the hereditary BRCA2 gene, including reconstructive procedures. I noticed that I began to look tired. However, since I started using Revitaltrax, including collagen, day/night cream, and eye cream, along with other products I had at the time, I feel that I have started to look better. I am very satisfied with Revitaltrax. I also have to undergo weekly skin therapy for the scars from my reconstructive surgeries, and I believe that the collagen contributes to better skin recovery. So, I will continue using Revitaltrax. Thanks to my enthusiasm, three of my friends have also started using it.

Jacqueline Kroot


Out of bed at 6 o'clock in the morning. Ready for another tough working day. First a cup of tea with a stick of anti-aging collagen complex before turning on the shower. My frown line above my nose has now disappeared thanks to this morning ritual with Revitaltrax. I now also use the vitamin C serum. A nice addition to my skin. The lines on my 55-year-old face have become much smaller and finer! Just a photo without makeup, that's what I do now! 😉

Eva de jong


I am very happy, my skin looks very smooth and calm thanks to the Revitatrax products and not to forget the collagen powder.

Annemieke Goetjaer-Streek


Very happy that I got to know Revital Trax products by using a trial package. Been a satisfied customer for half a year now. My skin is radiant again, both from the anti-aging collagen complex and the three different serums. A happy costumer, who will certainly continue to use the products.

Leentje Schrijvers


Very satisfied. I'm 60 years old but I look like a 45 year old 👍 My skin feels and looks much better 👍👍👍

Jolanda Paanakker


Very satisfied with the products. Just placed another order 😍 I notice that my nails have been enormously strengthened and I have the feeling that my wrinkles are also slightly less deep and my skin looks better 🤗

Tanya Ruijgrok


I've been using the collagen powder for 5 months now and for the first time in my life I have nails that don't tear off every time I point my finger. The lines on my face do not disappear, but the skin does feel smoother and softer. Very happy with this product.

Yvonne van Angeren


I have been using the anti-aging collagen complex for a few months now and find that my skin has become smoother and shinier. I will definitely continue to use this product.

Margo Dellemijn


I started with a trial package of the anti-aging collagen complex about six months ago. I was very pleased with it and you saw my skin glowing more and more. Then I started with skin cleanser and moisturizing lotion, again I was happy that my skin felt cleaner and did not become drier or oilier. Then I started with retinol serum and hyaluronic serum and day and night cream. I notice that my wrinkles are less deep and that my skin looks better ❤️ My nails are also growing faster and my hair is shinier and thicker ❤️

Patricia vd Laar


I am very satisfied with your products and have been using them for at least two years. My skin and hair have certainly improved. Economical in use, it also feels and smells wonderful. I have not purchased any other products since I ordered from you

Katia Vermeire


Every 2 days I mix Revitaltrax powder with a yogurt and blueberries: my skin looks noticeably better, my hair seems to grow faster and my nails are much stronger! My appearance is much fresher, fine wrinkles are smoother. I'm satisfied, so I'll keep using it!

Sandra schoenmakers


I am very happy with the vitamin C serum from Revitaltrax because it gives me a fresh look immediately in the morning.

Carolien Kommeren


In the morning before I eat anything and before I exercise, I always take my powder in a glass of lukewarm water. It is a wonderful start to the day and my skin becomes radiant. After showering, use the vitamin C boost under my day cream. Lovely!

Loes Smits


At the age of 72, I started taking Revitaltrax a few months ago and my skin has become shinier and softer👏 I will continue with these wonderful products and who knows, maybe my "saved" wrinkles will also decrease a bit! I'm really happy.

Aaltje Veen


Awesome serum retinol, use all 3 and also the collagen complex: great results beyond expectations!!!! Happy with it 🆒🔥 I am super satisfied and 2 friends are now also very enthusiastic! I am still estimated to be in my 40s and am sure that Revitaltrax contributes to it 😍😍

Monique van Ostade


One Revitaltrax a day makes a beautiful day

T.M. van Eldik,


I have been using your products for a number of months and am really enthusiastic. My skin is smoother, more radiant and gets positive comments. My hair looks better, is fuller again and my nails and hands are getting harder. I recommend it to people.



Whenever I purchase a new product, on the first day I have the feeling that it immediately helps and I want to see that something changes, but after days of use it is always disappointing! So at first I was a bit skeptical about using the collagen, but if it didn't help it would have been a lesson. But miraculously, after a week I already saw an improvement in my skin on my face. How happy that made and makes me! I was and am sold! Really magic powder!!

Angeli van der Heijden


Super nice product. My skin is smooth and cared for 👍

Anne-Lieke Joosten-de Wijn


So happy to finally have products that give results to my skin! Since I started using Revitaltrax, I no longer need foundation to cover up my blemishes, my skin now glows!

Roelie van der Ploeg


I am now on the 5th box of anti aging collagen complex. And I use the Retinol and Hyaluronic Serum. Unfortunately, I have been going through menopause for 12 years. I am 57 years old. And I have a underactive thyroid due to menopause. My hair looks much healthier again. And a fresh look. Besides, I don't smoke. Eat a varied and healthy diet. An occasional glass of wine. Do a lot of exercise and have a physically demanding job.

Doke Heeremans


Very satisfied with my serum! Got a very fresh skin and appearance.

Monique Worms


I am so happy with the retinol serum, every morning I start with a few drops of serum under my day cream to start the day fresh and cared for. And in the evening under the night cream. It's a really nice feeling to end the day in such a nice way. My skin feels wonderfully soft and smooth since I started using this serum. I have now also ordered the hyaluronic serum because my first bottle is almost finished. In combination with the RevitalTrax collagen bags I got really nice results. My hair is fuller and my skin is smoother. I'm so happy to have discovered you.

Nel Tiebout


I have been using the collagen powder for a few months now. I have also switched to the care products. I think they are great products and certainly affordable. I feel that this way I can contribute a little to maintaining beautiful skin!

Anne Bosch van der Graaf


My hair grows better, my nails are stronger, and my skin has actually improved at age 70. I am very satisfied with Reviltaltrax. I am an 80 year old senior photo model. I have been using Revitaltrax for at least 1 year and am very satisfied with it. I now skip taking a day and usually use Revitaltrax every other day with good results. I am always estimated to be 10 years younger, which is just as nice and thanks to Revitaltrax.

Ebru Tamer


I would like to inform you that I have been using anti-aging collagen complex for a while now. I am really satisfied with it. This really gave me a glow and smoother skin. I also want to try other products from RevitalTrax soon.

Anouk de bie


I am 46 years old and have been using anti-aging collagen since February. I already notice results; my skin is firmer. Use 1 sachet daily for my breakfast. I'm satisfied, so definitely keep using it!

Christel Hulst


I am very satisfied with this product 🥰 I have been using it for 3 months now and my skin looks a lot better ❤️ Wrinkles are diminishing and I feel great about it😀 I will continue to use it!

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Lydia den Dulk


I am very happy with the RevitalTrax powder. I've been using it since January. Wrinkles have softened. And a fresher look. I use it in the evening before going to sleep with a glass of water. It also seems to help with joint problems.

Diny Smit


I have been using this product for almost 4 weeks now and I should have started using it much earlier, because you can already see a difference in my skin. I really don't want anything else and this is affordable for almost everyone. Good luck to you and hope that many people will try it.

Veerle Vlaeymans


Wonderful! I'm your biggest fan ! Time is not going to help me with the wrinkles! I feel feminine again!!!!!!

Nathalie Lindeman


A kiss for the revitaltrax serums! I'll be 50 in May, hard to see!

Jara Nadort


Great serum! Your skin becomes even again and the dark spots disappear. The fine lines are also less visible.

Pleun van Dijk


I have been using anti-hair loss shampoo and conditioner for quite some time now. Severe hair loss due to stress. Now completely happy because of this shampoo😄👍 Full head of hair again.

Marijke Poppelaars


I have been using the Revitaltrax products for six months now and I am extremely satisfied with them! My skin is more even and the fine lines are much less. Products are all pleasant and... affordable👌

Lianne Sluijter


I have recently started using RevitalTrax products with great pleasure. I find my skin much less irregular than before. Less dry and more elastic.

Karen de Wit


After two months of collagen complex, my hair is fuller and shinier, my nails are strong, my skin is super soft and, above all, radiant and firm again. I am a fan and am looking forward to the other products.

Marly meulenburg


I have been using the collagen powder daily since last year and became very curious about the other products. I have been using the entire face, body and hair product line for several months now. The facial care is quickly absorbed into the skin and does not leave a greasy shine. The body wash and lotion smell pleasant. The products are neatly packaged, economical to use and attractively priced. Hoping for an eye make-up remover from Revitaltrax in the future.

Jeannette Miedema


🥰 ❤ I am very happy with Revitaltrax, I have only been using it for a month and I am already seeing results, my face is fuller, more beautiful in color and feels soft, so Revitaltrax remains very important to me, and I will definitely continue to use it . 😃

Colette Scheurwater


I have rosacea and have been walking with a bright red nose for a long time (a bit like Rudolf 😁) and I always have spots and impurities in my skin. With the combination of the sticks and the skin care line, my skin is becoming calmer, my nose is becoming less red and the bags under my eyes have almost disappeared ❤️

Bianca Burema


My skin feels firmer and the wrinkles appear less since using this. My skin seems smoother and more radiant.

Bianca van der Logt


I use the moisturizing lotion, vitamin-C serum and hyaluronic serum, with the hyaluronic cream and a stick in the morning, and I am already satisfied. The combination of lotion, serum and cream is fantastic, my skin is so soft! And you don't need much of it! I don't really like the stick in the morning, but I will continue with it because it all feels very good! Thank you RevitalTrax!

Petra Smeets


I am very satisfied with the products so far. I use both the care line and the collagen powder and will definitely continue with this. I have been using the collagen powder for 1.5 months now and it did indeed take a while before I really noticed anything, but I now mainly notice it in my eyelashes that had fallen out a lot and are now growing nicely again, faster than normal for me. I also feel that the sagging skin in my neck has reduced slightly.

Rasa Linders


I am very happy with the RevitalTrax products and collagen. I have been drinking collagen for years, not only does it give me beautiful, radiant and young skin, but it also gives me less pain from osteoarthritis. My advice for every woman over 30, start with collagen. Thank you!

Monique Breedveld


I have been using both the powders and 2 different serums for the past few months and I really like them!! Lines become smaller and your skin feels softer. You will also notice a visible difference that improves the structure of your skin. Not immediately in the first month of course, but after longer use. I am a fan!

Luz aida


I am very satisfied with my recent purchase from you. The products are perfect. It does what it's supposed to do. It has made my skin much nicer. It's just right for my skin. In terms of smell it is good.

Wendy Willart


I have been working on the 5-step plan for almost 3 months now, and I am really pleasantly surprised. My pores have already shrunk enormously and the fine lines on my face have really reduced considerably. My skin feels noticeably softer and also has a nice glow. I'm almost 45, but I regularly receive compliments on how young and fresh I still look. I will definitely continue to use these products! I am a fan!

Claudia Conrad


I have recently become familiar with RevitalTrax and have started to look into how it works and what the results are. I've been using it for a few weeks now and a friend asked me, what did you do, you look so good? Very positive! Tip: I'm still really experimenting with the tea and the collagen powder, it tastes a bit creamy, but with ginger and lemon it tastes much better!

Karin van Meerveld


Me with the revitaltrax!!! Something I can't live without anymore. Better hair growth and hard nails... Super happy with it!!!

Denise van Damme


This cream is to die for! I use the hyaluronic cream twice a day and it keeps my skin nourished day and night. My skin feels super soft. After always having dry skin, this cream is really a relief!

Sylvia Lindeman


I have now been taking the collagen powder for 6 weeks and I can already see that my skin looks healthier and firmer. Really a great product. I will continue to use this forever!! I will definitely try the other skin care products now.

Manita Boelema


Why the beautiful products from RevitalTrax??? It does what it promises. I'm almost 60 years old, and look at me!

Erica Wouterson


I have been using Revitaltrax for about a month now: powder, serum, eye cream and lotion and I am really starting to notice a difference, my hair is fuller, my skin is visibly more beautiful, it glows❤️👍🏻

Carolien de Leeuw


Since I started using these beautiful products, my skin feels super soft and smoother. So happy with it ❤️

Silvy Reymen


I have been using Revitaltrax sachets every night before I go to sleep for almost 1 year now and I am really very satisfied with them. My skin is more elastic and looks nourished. My hair is also stronger and grows faster, especially a lot of baby hairs. Great product and very pleased!

Petra Catry


I have been using RevitalTrax products for a long time and am very satisfied with them. I take a collagen stick every day, cleanse my face with the cleanser and follow with the cream to close pores. Use the collagen shampoo and conditioner and the vitamin C serum the others already used. I recommend the products to everyone because they are great ❤️

Jordi Voets


I have been using the revitaltrax complex product for a few weeks now and am very satisfied. I notice that my skin has become softer and healthier.

Anneke Heukels


I am very satisfied with this product because it drinks well. I use the powder in combination with the vitamin C serum. I feel good about it. The powder is also delicious in yogurt.

Anja Schreuders


I can't say much about the product yet, because I haven't been using it for very long. What I can say is that it smells very nice and spreads well and is not sticky.

Helma de Pijper


I have been using the retinol serum and collagen powder for a few weeks now. I am very satisfied with the Retinol serum, it feels very nice under the day and night cream. Results for the collagen may be a bit too early as I have only been using it for 4 weeks. I use it with yogurt and it works great.

Conny Moerkens


I have been using a number of RevitalTrax products for about 4 weeks now. And I am very satisfied, especially with the Hyaluronic day and night cream & retinol serum. My face feels softer and smoother. Also very nice to use under make-up. Is not greasy and is easily absorbed.

Niki van der Sar


Very happy with these 3 serums! My top favorite in the morning is the vitamin C serum! Visible results after a month of use. My skin is calmer, more even and a lot less dry. Very satisfied customer 👍🏻💪🏻

Eva Prins


I swear by this product... my hair is full again. Wrinkles are fading and my skin feels firm again. Quick results and easy to use, no more Botox!

Trudy Pigmans-Notenboom


After I stopped taking REVITALTRAX for a while, after 3 weeks I started using it again and I'm glad I took that step again.

Sandra Casu


I have been using Revitaltrax anti aging collagen complex and day/night cream serum and eye cream for 3 weeks now 😉 I feel like my skin already looks better 👏🏻👏🏻I am very happy with it, thank you 💖

Niek Bruijns


RevitalTrax sticks fit well into my healthy lifestyle. They support me when exercising, which improves my performance. I have been using the sticks for over six months now and I notice that small wrinkles are fading and my skin also looks good. For a few months now I have also been using the Retinol serum, which feels nice when applied and is also quickly absorbed. In addition to a more beautiful tan and support during sports, the sticks contribute to hair growth and nails. As a young man, I think RevitalTrax products really work and I will definitely continue to use the sticks together with the serum!

Irene de Negro


Given my age of 68, I think it is important to keep looking good. I still work full time and feel great. I have been using the RevitalTrax Collagen Complex for almost a year now. A sachet every day and my hair has become fuller, my skin is super cool. I also use the Vitamin-C, Retinol and Hyaluronic serum. I'm very happy with it!

Sandra Hol


I am very happy with my RevitalTrax products, my skin looks brighter and feels firmer. Excellent product.

Miranda Bender


I am really happy with all the products I use from you. They don't even all fit in the picture. 😁

Petra Wagner


Good morning, I first tried the sachets through a friend, after a few weeks my skin became fresher and my hair shinier. I also notice that my nails are less likely to break off 👍

Leon van Erp


I am very satisfied with RevitalTrax. I notice that it adds something extra to my skin, which is otherwise in good condition!

Josee Nayen


I have been using Revitaltrax for a few weeks now and the results are already visible; fuller hair and glowing skin. 100% satisfied!

Gwen Park


I have been taking the collagen complex for over half a year now, and I really see the difference in my skin recovering from any wounds. When I am taking your products, my skin shines without any highlighter or make-up, and heals much faster. Plus, the collagen complex keeps my cravings for snacks away for some reason. I have recently bought my partner the collagen complex for men, hoping that will help him too!

Froukje van Helvoort-Moonen


Hi! Attached is a photo of a very satisfied customer. I have been using serums and collagen for five months and my skin is noticeably better. I am 52 years old.

Mariëlle vd Loo


I have been using the collagen for a number of months and am very satisfied with it. I also get compliments without people knowing that I use this. My hair has become much fuller and my curls have become coarser. My crow's feet have also become refined and wrinkles under the eyes have softened. I am now 47 years old but that makes me look younger. I am very happy that I continue to use this product. Thank you!!!

Ella van Manen


The hyaluronic serum. I use the serum in the morning and evening. It absorbs well into the skin and feels wonderful. Easy to use with pipette. I also use an anti-aging collagen complex sachet once a day. I notice that my hair is becoming fuller and my nails are growing stronger and faster. I am very satisfied with the products.

Bob Zorge


As a man, I have now submitted a photo because I think it really works. My skin becomes softer and my hair feels thicker. Come on guys! Try it and you will see that this is not a hoax but it does work.

Femie Langevoort


So far I am very satisfied with the products purchased and the serum absorbs well into the skin.

Ilona Derksen


I have been using various Revitaltrax products for about a month and a half now. I am more than satisfied, my skin looks much calmer, smoother and more radiant. I will definitely order the lotion and day cream to complete my 5-step plan in addition to the cleansing, eye cream, serums and night cream that I already use in addition to the Revitaltrax "powder". Highly recommended in my opinion!

Jacqueline Zorge


Happy New Year, happy customer. I started 2021 well. My husband and I both use the collagen complex, one stick every morning. Together we will fight for feeling healthier, better skin and beautiful appearance! Already happy!! 😃😃

Tiina Borghart


I would like to say that I am very satisfied with the products. I am 66 years old and have had heart surgery and breast cancer, so I have been through a lot. Before this I used Collerlift and Silidyn for 10 years. Now I use your products. My hair is thicker, my nails are better, my skin is better, so I am very satisfied.

Monique de Rooij


I first used the powder and noticed that my hair became shinier, with fewer damaged ends. Over time, my facial skin also became more radiant. Because of this good experience, I also purchased other products from you.

Janneke Veenstra


I have been using the collagen powder for almost a year now and I feel that the overall condition of my skin has improved. Recently I have also started using several serums.

Karin van Meerveld


Revitaltrax has become a part of me... My skin has become fuller, my nails are stronger and my hair is growing faster. So very satisfied!

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