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Mila Wildeman


Hi, I have been using RevitalTrax sachets for over three months. My nails in particular have become stronger, and my skin feels less dry. Very happy 😊

Ladya Kratzsch


I am very satisfied with the collagen powder and the vitamin C serum! Even my lime nails on my big toes look better. You don't have to put nail polish on it anymore. My skin looks smoother and younger, even though I always take good care of it. I am 63 years old and I have been using it for 2 months now. Excellent product. Thank you!🌈

Yvonne van de Peppel


Very nice product, recently started using it.

Angélique Spoor


Finally a collagen powder without an unpleasant aftertaste!🙌 (and I've tried quite a few already!)

Natascha Oosterbroek


I like the product, revitaltrax collagen, because it visibly reduces my early wrinkles, but also because I have the feeling that it makes my skin look healthier again. What I really like is that my hair has also become fuller. I am not blessed with beautiful, thick, full hair, but as of now, there has really been an improvement. And it is easy to drink in the morning, so I start every day with a glass of warm water.

Marion van de Braekt


Just for now and later!! I have been using it for over 1 year now and am confident in it. I also have skin care products. I am very satisfied.

Danielle van Dam


I am 46 and have been using Revitaltrax for about a year now. My skin has always been problematic, but now it is smooth and calm. I use the entire skin care line and am very satisfied. My hair looks great too!

Mirjam Sanders


I am very happy with all the products, especially the sachets and the hyaluronic serum, which works great.

Nicolette Veldhoen


I love your products!! I am now on the second pack and my skin has improved tremendously. My wrinkles have reduced and my skin has become much firmer and softer. These products are a keeper for me 👍

Marjan Aarts


Since I started using this my nails and hair have grown faster. My skin feels nice and much calmer.

Herma Jörissen


Since then I have been very satisfied with RevitalTrax products. My skin looks a lot better. Less trouble with my red cheeks.

Marina Slot


At the beginning of this year I started using collagen and Retinol from Revitaltrax and after 2 months I saw that my pores were smaller and it seemed as if the skin under my eyes looked better. After a few months of using these products, I started to get more and more glow on my face and sometimes I even no longer have any foundation on my face! My mother thought I had slept well because of corona. She also started using the products :-) Now I use almost all Revitaltrax products and I am super satisfied!

Anne-Marie van Zoelen


I am very satisfied with Revitaltrax products. My skin has visibly improved. My hair is also a lot fuller. I take a sachet every day, I like this the best. Definitely continue with this and recommend it to everyone. Especially women in menopause!

Seline de Meyer


I am very satisfied with the anti-aging collagen complex. My skin feels much smoother. I also really enjoy using the skin cleanser and the moisturizing lotion. My skin looks more vital and the faint lines are becoming less and less. I am very curious about more revitaltrax products!

Elske Barlage


Since using the Revitaltrax products, my skin has improved enormously and my rosacea is under control! I will therefore continue to use your products with great pleasure.

Debbie verhaar


I am 47 years old. I'm Indonesian, so wrinkle-free for a long time😁 But it started to happen... And then I saw a program with your product. Now 1 month later and I immediately got another 3 months of Revitaltrax. Wrinkles are less deep. Smoother skin. Imperfections disappear. In short, highly recommended!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Love your product 🥰🥰🥰

Debby Cuiper


Very satisfied with the products..! As you can see in the photo, my vitamin C serum has run out 😢 need to order again quickly...

Dagmar van Riel


I have been using the Revitaltrax anti-aging collagen complex for several months now. Super happy with it😁 ...beautiful full eyelashes and fuller hair again🔝

Grietje Meijers


I think this is really great. My nails have never been so beautiful and strong. I also saw progress with my skin. It's unbelievable what this does to my body. I'm super happy with it. Everyone should try this.

Yvonneke bosma


I started with just the collagen powder and got so excited that I also ordered the serum and both creams. Wonderful products that really do something for my skin, although I must say that I have to be patient with the collagen powder. 💪

Thea Heineman


I have been using RevitalTrax for several months, especially as we get older (72 years old) we have to take good care of our skin. I am very satisfied with the product and want to use all products in the future.

Sylke Schouten


I am very pleased with RevitalTrax as my skin has improved a lot since using it - it looks plumper, less dry and smoother. I suffered from rosacea and my skin has calmed down a lot since then.

petra van leent


Super happy with it, works really well.

Iris Niejenhuis


Been a fan of the RevitalTrax collagen sticks for several months now! Now that I am still in my late twenties, the skin is slowly starting to lose its elasticity. I want this to happen where it can be done by eating healthy, drinking enough and exercising. With the anti-aging collagen sticks I hope to give my skin an extra helping hand from within. So far the sticks seem to be doing their job well! :)

H de Vries


I am very satisfied with your collagen. I once stopped for a while and saw my skin getting worse again. Then I quickly started again!!

Fennie boonstoppel


I have been using Revitaltrax and retinol serum for 1 month and I like it 👍 I will definitely order more

Saskia schouten


The fantastic reviews made me so curious that I wanted to try it too. I haven't even been using them for a month yet, but the facial products feel nice and the collagen sticks are easy to use.

Saran Hartsuiker


I have been using this product for a while now. I am very satisfied. Of course I also drink the collagen drinks. I would now like to try out hair care products as well. I'm very curious about that!

Melinda Berkes


My name is Mel and I have been using RevitalTrax for a while. I definitely notice a difference. My skin has already become much more beautiful. I put the powder in my hot tea every morning before breakfast and drink it. If you have some lines or early wrinkles, this is definitely recommended!

Katrien de Bondt


I have been using the reviltatrax sticks and products for about 4 months now. The first 3 months I used 1 stick per day every day. After using it faithfully every day for 3 months, I switched to 1 stick every 2 days. I write the days on the box when I need to take them so I don't forget! I use the cleanser and the moisturizer twice every day, wonderful products because I have ordered them again. I also used the vitamin C serum and now I have started the hyalorun serum. Simply wonderful products. I really see the difference in my skin and have become completely addicted to your products. I used to use much more expensive products but saw very little effect. It has been a long search to find the right products, but whoever searches, finds. I also ordered the body products. So I'm really curious.

Julia Leenders


Hello, I started taking Revitaltrax at the beginning of this year and am very satisfied, I get a lot of compliments that I have beautiful skin for my age, but I also had a lot of problems with my stomach and it is much better now, I use a stick every other day.

Jolanda Nijhuis


Very satisfied with Revitaltrax products!

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Yvonne Vreugdenhil


Almost 50 and started using the sachets and serums two months ago... I'm convinced!!

Yvonne Cornelissen


Use it for about a year. Very satisfied. And do you see the eyebrow? I had a scar there, and no hair grew there. But Revitaltrax has caused hair to grow again, and I don't have to draw it in anymore. I'm not that photogenic but I've gotten really firm skin. My beautician says so too. I am 61 years old. So I can't complain.

Willy van der Linden


Hello, I have been using this great product from RevitalTrax for 2 months now. I was quite skeptical when I started, but I definitely see a change. My skin appears firmer and more radiant. My hair also seems healthier. I will definitely continue to use this product.

Susie Jol


I have been using various revitaltrax products for a few days now. My skin is softer and has more color. I will definitely try some other products!

Saskia Dijkstra


I have been a big fan of the Anti Aging Collagen Complex for 1.5 years. I use it every other day and clearly notice a difference. I stopped using the powder for a while (I don't actually know why), and immediately noticed that my skin became much less soft and drier. So I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!



Compact, easy to use skin care line. Fast, gentle cleaning. Instant hydration and smoothed skin with the serums and finish with the creamy cream that is quickly absorbed!

Ria Folkers


I have been drinking Revitaltrax since March and I am convinced that it helps, I cannot yet say whether it helps my wrinkles, I am 62 years old and I do not have many wrinkles, but my skin does look better. It definitely helps against hair loss, my hair has become much thicker and my nails don't break off as quickly. I'll keep using it.

Ninon Berberich


I am very satisfied with the RevitalTrax Anti-Aging Collagen Complex sticks! I have been using them for several months now and I can't live without them anymore. I saw results quite quickly after about 4 weeks, my skin looked fuller and healthier. Using 1 stick per day is now part of my daily beauty routine!

Nathalie van Riel


Wonderful to start and end the day with these wonderful products! Very satisfied with the entire RevitalTrax line. My skin and hair are radiant and I have regularly received compliments since I started using these products! Don't want any other brand anymore!

Nadine roels


I think my face has already become much firmer, I recommend it to everyone👍👍

Monique Marks


I am very satisfied with the Revitaltrax product... I use almost all products from serum to day cream and the sachets with extra collagen. I don't miss a day and since I started using it I have seen a world of difference in skin structure. Wrinkles do not go away, but they are less visible.

Mascha Reumer


I'm addicted to your serums! Lovely structure, absorbed quickly and smells nice and neutral. You feel it soak into your skin and it doesn't leave a greasy layer. Very nice! I also use the powder sticks, you feel that your hair and nails are firmer.

Marloes van Harteveld


So very happy with this beautiful product! I have been using it for almost a year now on the advice of my beautician and I definitely notice a difference. My skin is softer, my wrinkles are less deep and my hair falls out less!

Marlies Pruim


Beauty rituals are a bow towards yourself. Taking time for what's important: me! Coffee and my collagen complex: taking a moment to reflect on the day and be grateful.

Marjan Vis


You can see that I have now built up a nice stock. I have been using it for about 2 to 3 weeks now and am very satisfied so far. I try to take the collagen sticks every morning because the quality of my hair is/was very poor. I already notice a change because I have to use fewer oils and serums for my hair. I also find the lotion and cleanser very pleasant to use. Very little of it is needed.

Lucy Hersisia


I have been using Revitaltrax for 1 month now and am very satisfied, my skin looks nicer and my hair is fuller and more shiny! I definitely recommend the product!

Loes van Diessen


In addition to the Anti-Aging Collagen Complex, I now use the eye and face cream! They are top notch. Does what it's supposed to do. No words needed!

Isabel Bracke


I have also used the serums and the day cream and I think all the products are very good, but especially the vitamin C serum; smells very pleasant. My skin has improved with your products; I have been using the sticks for a year; 1 every other day now, but I am going to switch back to 1 every day in the winter.

Ingrid Vermonden


How happy a person can be with products that make you happy. I have been using revitaltrax for a few months now, first every day, now every other day and my skin has become calmer. Fine lines are less deep and my face has become more radiant. You then radiate that again. Two birds with one stone. The serums also have a positive effect. Great.

Gwendolyn Monk


I am very satisfied with the Revitaltrax products, I ordered the entire 5-step plan and have not been using it for long, but I am already receiving compliments about my skin and I also notice that my skin feels soft. To be honest, I was skeptical at first, thinking it was something commercial again when I saw Babette van Veen, but in the end I am very satisfied!

Gerda jonker


I have been using the serums and collagen for a while now and am very satisfied

Eva van der Sluijs


Hi, I am very satisfied with revitaltrax because my skin and my hair feel better and I also feel better since I started using it. Would recommend it to everyone. The people around me who also tried it don't want anything else now, it's just great👍🏼

Ester Sibelt


Hi, I am a woman of almost 50 and have noticed for several years that my skin has become less elastic and has started to develop more wrinkles. I have been using Revitaltrax collagen complex for about 2 months now and I feel and see a difference and improvement! So happy with it. Easy too, with a bowl of cottage cheese in the morning. So I'm a satisfied customer 👍🏼

Els m kok


I have been using your bags for a long time now, now every other day and once a month for 1 week in a row. And as extra loyalty, the serums every day, but the Hyaluron serum every other day, as advised by my beautician.

Cornelia Visser


I have been using your product since May 2020. I want to tell you that my nails are much stronger. Hair falls out less, but above all I suffer much less from my osteoarthritis in my back, knee and hand. Can spend hours in the garden. I also tell my friends. In short, a satisfied customer. I'm 76 years old and I get compliments on how good I look!

Bianca van der Loop


I have been using Revitaltrax collagen for 2 months to my complete satisfaction, and recently also the serum.

Ans van den Dries


I have now started taking Revitaltrax anti-aging collagen complex for about a month now. I think it already helps somewhat. I will definitely continue using it.

Yolanda Wensink


Do it together with Revitaltrax! Your pores become smaller, your skin becomes smoother... therefore RevitalTrax! And to top it all off...go for the collagen powder. Happy me ;)

Marije van der Kaaij


I have been using your collagen since August. Very pleased I have gotten a lot of new hair and my face is fuller and looks healthier!! Extremely satisfied.

Karin van Geloven


I am very pleased with the powder because I notice that it really makes my face look fuller! The serum feels nice, tingles a little on the skin and makes it softer.

Angela Haanskorf


I have been using Revitaltrax for 2 weeks now on the recommendation of a friend who is very enthusiastic about it. I thought I would try that too! Hopefully I get as good a result as her 😀

After the collagen sticks, I am now also enthusiastic about the serums and the eye cream. The serums feel wonderful and the eye cream does its job well...

An Krijnen


How happy I am to have a friend who can chat about anything and everything. That's how I discovered your product!! Yohoo!!! I am so happy with the anti-aging collagen complex. My skin has become soft, plump and more radiant since using it. Thanks for this and of course thanks to my friend who shared this with me.

Priscilla Brakel


I am very happy with the products. I only started with just the sachets but then started with the serums and now I am completely sold and use your entire line! It really works and I feel good about myself again after my pregnancy. My skin is radiant again and the products really do what they promise 🥰 I have already made many other people addicted and so far everyone is super satisfied! I recommend it to everyone!

Dieuwertje Keijzers


Ik ben er echt heel tevreden over! Ik heb het idee dat de kleine rimpeltjes echt minder worden. Mijn huid voelt veel fijner nu ik de crème en het serum gebruik!

Dianne Basten


I enjoy using the day and night cream and the anti-aging powder and will certainly continue to use them!

Niek Bruijns


I have been using Revitaltrax sticks for a few months now and am really positive about them. My lifestyle is very important to me and I pay a lot of attention to it: healthy eating, drinking a lot, exercising, etc. The collagen powder is a good addition to this because it provides me with extra support. I recover even faster after intensive exercise, for example. I also notice that my skin is starting to look better and that fine wrinkles are fading. This way my skin looks firmer, especially in combination with a moisturizing cream. I am still considering whether to purchase the serum face cream from Revitaltrax, of which I have read positive experiences.

Geja van Lutterveld


I am happy with revitaltrax. Now that I suffer more from hormonal fluctuations with the associated ailments and lines, I notice that since I started using Revitaltrax my skin has strengthened and I suffer less from painful joints. I'll continue with it!

Ellen van Grol


I am 70 years old and have been using the collagen powder and hyaluronic serum for 2 months now. My skin is more radiant and soft and firmer after using the skin cleanser and lotion together with the day cream. I'm very curious about the results in a few months.

Sonja Raymaekers


I am satisfied with the night cream and serum because they are not greasy, easy to use, nourishes well, penetrates well. The packaging has a luxurious appearance. Excellent.

Rosita Mannaert


I am sending this photo because I am very satisfied with RevitalTrax. I have only been using it for a week and a half now and I am already experiencing some results. My skin becomes a little more radiant.

Patrick smulders


It is a super product!

Natalie Hayen


I have been using this collagen powder for 3 weeks and am very satisfied with it, as well as with the hair and skin care products. Highly recommended!!

Marina Spiljard


Hello, my name is Marina, I recently started taking anti-aging collagen complex. It seems to me a better way of skin improvement because it comes from within. The years, thus my wrinkles, have really started ticking, hence the choice for REVITALTRAX with the very positive reviews.

Maleni de Zeeuw


Very satisfied with Revitaltrax products! It makes your skin visibly more beautiful! Definitely worth the money.

Larissa Havekes


Hi, I have been using revitaltrax for about a year. Every day for the first few months, now every other day. I am very satisfied with it because I notice that my hair has become fuller. In addition, I notice that my skin is firm and my lines do not show as much. I'm 47 years old, so slowing down the skin sagging a bit is nice!

Jolanda Klijn


I am completely happy with Revitrax. I notice a clear difference in my skin.

Janneke veenstra


I have been using ReviltalTrax for about 10 months. It is of course not comparable to the effect of injectables, where you see results quite quickly. This is a product that slowly improves the quality of your skin and promotes elasticity!

Florentina Cristea


Since I started using hyaluronic serum I have seen a difference. My skin is more beautiful and even. I'm very happy with it 😄🌹

Christina Giacomini


Very happy with Revitaltrax!! I notice that the deep lines around my mouth become less deep. And the wrinkles on my forehead too. I have been using it for 2 months now and am ordering my third pack today!!

Christa Dooyeweerd


I have been using Revitaltrax for about 2 weeks now. It took me some time to get used to it, it is not completely tasteless, but it goes well with a vegetable drink. My skin seems to be getting brighter, a kind of glow and I like it, I'm very curious to see what it will look like in a few weeks. I also use a serum and it applies very easily and is absorbed quickly!

Brigitte kapelle


I have been using the products for 1 year now, my skin has a better color and looks fuller. I'm so happy with it.

Bianca Hoedt


I have already tried different, expensive and cheap skin care products and I still haven't found the right skin care product. After seeing an advertisement with Babette van Veen about your product and she was very enthusiastic, I thought; I'll just try it once! I ordered a serum, day cream and collagen powder. I saw an effect after a week and have really become a fan of your product!

Barbara Cochrane


At my age (63), I didn't expect to find a new skincare product that really makes a difference. Every morning I use the Vitimine C serum followed by the Moisturizing Cream and in the evening the Retinol serum followed by the Retinol cream. I absolutely love it! Both serum and moisturizer are immediately absorbed by the skin, so there is no greasy layer. What I like even more is that there is no shine in hot weather. After 2 months of use I feel that my skin has become tighter, plumper and smoother. Revitaltrax is my new best friend!

Annemiek verhagen


I am very satisfied with your products. I now use almost everything from Revitaltrax for skin/hair and the collagen sachets.

Willyanne Dingelstad


I'm 62. My hair and skin look great. Use it for six months.

Tineke Regterschot


After a major renovation, it was time for me to start working on myself, both inside and out. I don't know the result yet, but it feels good!

Ria Waelen


I have been using Revitaltrax for about six months now. I started using collagen on the advice of my edema therapist. She saw that my hair and especially my nails were in poor condition due to the chemotherapy I received a few years ago. Now, after having used the powder for six months, I see and feel a clear difference, my nails have become stronger and my hair, which was very thin, has now really become thicker, the bald spots are much less! I take the collagen powder every day, and have now also ordered the shampoo and conditioner. I hope to get even more improvement this way. Thank you.

Leen Boeve


I have been using the anti-aging collagen complex for 4 months now and I am really amazed by the results! My skin has become much tighter and my wrinkles have faded. Now that I also use the serums and creams, I have even more healthy and radiant skin! I am a fan! Many grateful thanks.

Kitty Vergers


The RevitalTrax products have given me better skin. I take the collagen complex almost every morning, and every evening and morning I use the serums to make my skin glow!

Joske venderink


I have only just started using the product, but I already feel that my skin is softer and smoother. A very satisfied customer!

Danitsja Goossens


The bags are an easy way to replenish my collagen a little every day. The result is radiant skin!

Claudia Pijnenburg


My name is Claudia, I am 45 years old and I love RevitalTrax! I have been using the serum and sticks since this year and my skin has visibly improved. No more impurities, reduced pigment spots and much less wrinkles, almost nothing!😃 And my physical condition: I feel better about myself, have more energy, I think this is fantastic and I will soon switch to the day and night cream! I love ITT!!🤩🤩🤩 Never want to be without it again

Andrea Reijersen van Buuren


I have been using RevitalTrax products for about six months now and I am very satisfied! I started with the Collagen powders and I use them daily. My skin has a beautiful glow and small lines are fading. I now also use the cream, serums and eye cream. Affordable and it really works!

Suse Pijpers


After using this product for a month, I received all kinds of compliments about how good my skin looked. I didn't really notice it myself, but others noticed it. I did feel that my hair felt fuller. I just ordered three boxes and I'm curious to see what else it will do for me. I definitely recommend it!

Brigitte Melon


I have been using revitaltrax for 6 months now and am very satisfied! I have strong nails for the first time in my life!! My hair also feels stronger, less hair loss. Great product! Very happy customer.

Tanja Hebbrecht


3 months ago I was desperate about my hair. Now I even get compliments from my husband and my father! Tanja Hebbrecht, Happy Aging Coach

Roos klerkx


Since I started using Revitaltrax, I don't want to be without it! I've been using it for over six months now and I notice a big difference! I take the collagen complex every other day! My hair falls out less and is a lot fuller, it also shines more! I also use the retinol serum, which has improved my skin tremendously! In short, a good product that delivers what it promises!

Mareille Hamburger


The first wrinkles started after I turned 40. I am now 45 years old and use Revitaltrax every day. The collagen, but also the skin and hair care products. I feel like I still don't look much older than 40. I'd like to keep it that way!

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