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What experts say about revitaltrax

RevitalTrax products have been reviewed and used by various experts.

Skin care experts play a crucial role in evaluating and recommending skin care products. These experts, often dermatologists, beauticians or scientists with expertise in skin care, have in-depth knowledge of skin structure, skin conditions and how various ingredients work.

Invest in a solid base

I can confidently use RevitalTrax products for myself but also certainly for my clients who have been faithfully coming to SPARKLING WELLNESS for years. Besides the fact that the ingredients appeal to me, they are also fine products to work with and use during my Revital facial treatment, where I use all the products. The nice thing is that there is no maze of choices and it works very well for sensitive skin as well. The products are gentle to use and the scent is prevalent and pleasant. Like most salon products, these products are also salon worthy and very concentrated in its use. You do a long time with them and the price is very attractive.


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What does collagen do for the skin?

Collagen keeps the skin elastic. Elasticity in the skin makes it tighter and more radiant. Starting at age 25, you lose about 1% collagen per year. The loss of collagen causes skin aging. Hence, it is important to take extra collagen. RevitalTrax Anti-Aging Beauty Collagen Complex is a perfect product with very small bioactive collagen peptides that can be absorbed by the body much better than regular collagen. It is not broken down in the gastrointestinal system, so the result is effective. We gladly advise our clients to use RevitalTrax collagen for the optimal approach from the inside out.


Slow down the aging process with Revitaltrax

In my practice, I am regularly told that clients suddenly find their skin looking very aged lately. They would like to do something about it, but botox or fillers are going too far. A request for help like this always makes me enthusiastic, because I know from experience that beautiful results can often be achieved without medical intervention. However, I find it important to hear the expectations of the client to make sure they are realistic.

I myself have been selling RevitalTrax collagen in my practice for 2 years now. Obviously it is not a magic bullet, but it can slow or even slightly reverse the natural aging process. A common positive response is that since using it, the skin has more "glow," looks healthier.


RevitalTrax gives me many opportunities in the field of skin improvement

In recent years, Sanne has been focusing as a skin coach on both internal and external care and regularly attends training on nutrition & lifestyle. With RevitalTrax products, she has now been able to help many clients achieve radiant skin.

Sanne always points out the daily routine at home. By knowing your skin's needs well, you can ensure that your skin stays comfortable and glowing. Here, using the right products is extremely important.


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Stimulate firm skin while losing weight

In addition to my profession as a beautician, I am also a nutrition coach and coach people who want to lose weight and change their lifestyle with healthy food through the PowerSlim program. PowerSlim is a weight loss program developed by dieticians based on scientific insights.

"When someone is losing weight, it also affects the skin. It's nice when you lose weight, but of course you don't want aging and sagging skin! To give an extra boost to firm skin, it is good to use RevitalTrax to hold and/or replenish collagen levels in the connective tissues.


Slowing down skin aging

While starting her business, she thoroughly researched a brand of beauty products that would fit perfectly with the Thermage treatments she performs. Ultimately, she came to the conclusion that RevitalTrax's products fit particularly well with Thermage treatments.

Before Kim begins performing the Thermage treatment, she cleanses the skin with RevitalTrax's Skin Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil. After completing the treatment, the face is cleansed again and then a Hyaluronic Sheet Mask is applied so you can relax a little more. This mask is the finishing touch as it provides intense hydration due to the hyaluronic acid serum. To finish, Kim uses the Q10 Anti-Aging SPF Day Cream so that you leave the house beautiful, cared for and with sun protection.



Experiences skin experts

"We like to advise our clients to start using RevitalTrax's collagen for the optimal approach from within for tighter and radiant skin. We combine it with RevitalTrax's power serums for the external approach."

"as a beautician I have also become more aware of this in recent years, we are all getting a year older and our needs are changing. And how fortunate that RevitalTrax thinks with us. Both for the years ticking by, RevitalTrax also thinks of a good ingredient list without these chemicals. A win-win situation."

"The recommendation is to use RevitalTrax Vitamin-C Serum during the day and RevitalTrax retinol at night and in combination with the RevitalTrax hyaluronic acid day and night cream in the morning and evening."

"My hair is fuller again, it doesn't break anymore. Also my nails are full strength again as before. In addition, I notice that my muscles, bones, all the little complaints that are there, have become milder."

"After the treatment, Kim likes to inform her clients about the Anti-Aging Beauty Collagen Complex. Like the Thermage treatment, RevitalTrax's collagen also works from the inside out. So together this is a super nice combination to combat aging of the skin, among other things."

"RevitalTrax is a compact line of high-quality and affordable products. Our clients are very enthusiastic about it and notice the difference."

"Using the RevitalTrax collagen complex nourishes the skin from the inside out. You can't get any better. It reduces lines and wrinkles and in addition, it also strengthens hair and nails.

I definitely see a difference in the salon with clients who use this daily. The skin becomes smoother and blood flow improves. You see the skin glowing."