Change formula Anti-Aging Collagen Complex

A change has been made to the formulation of the Anti-Aging Collagen Complex.

The main ingredient and by far the most important ingredient of the collagen complex is the patented collagen VERISOL®. Of course, the amount of this has remained the same, namely 5000 mg. The study by the manufacturer Gelita GMBH is based on 2500 mg per day. This would actually be enough for an effective result. RevitalTrax Anti Aging Collagen Complex contains 5000 mg VERISOL, this is 2 times the recommended amount. This ensures an even better and faster operation (and thus result) that we are all very satisfied with.

The amount of Zinc has also remained the same, namely 10 mg. This is the recommended daily amount.

The Anti-Aging Collagen Complex now contains 2 mg of Biotin, previously 5 mg. However, this 2 mg is already 40 x (!) The recommended daily amount. Too much biotin leaves the body through the urine. It is therefore unnecessary to take this in the form of 5 mg day after day.

The Anti-Aging Collagen Complex now contains 100 mg Ester-C, previously 400 mg. This 100 mg is 1.25 x the daily recommended amount. Ester-C contains metabolites that promote absorption and function. In other words, the absorption capacity is twice as fast as with the most common vitamin C and the effect in the body is four times as powerful. This is because Ester-C is an ascorbate, meaning it is linked to calcium and magnesium. This ingredient is therefore much more efficient in itself and of much better quality than a normal vitamin C. We also get a lot of vitamin C through our diet. An excess of vitamin C also leaves the body through the urine.

All in all, the complex is now more balanced and the combination of these 4 ingredients still ensure an unchanged and very good effect. We want the best for our customers!

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