A review by beautybyfrieda.com

A review by beautybyfrieda.com

Frieda is mom of 2 kids, a happy wife, model and now also a blogger! Given her combination of motherhood and modeling, Beautybyfrieda is mainly about beauty, lifestyle and health.

"Beauty has always been important to me. After years of modeling, my skin and hair have endured a lot, so for me it is always a search for care products that do what they promise."

Frieda tested and evaluated the Anti-Aging Collagen Complex in combination with the Hyaluronic and Vitamin-C serum.

"When I use collagen faithfully I really see a difference. Maybe it's because I already used similar products before, but I had the idea that I could quickly see the difference with the RevitalTrax. My skin was restless for a while, I think by hormones (beginning of the transition?), and that is all over now. My skin is calm, fine lines seem much less visible. My skin feels hydrated and soft, it also has that wanted healthy glow and looks fuller.

I do not yet know whether it also has a positive effect on my hair and nails, I will have to use it longer. Just like my skin, my hair was less for a while, a lot of hair loss. And my nails are still hidden under a small layer of gel polish, so I have to wait and see. I hope that after longer use I will also notice a difference.

The serums are also very fine and absorb quickly. The Vitamin-C Serum is perfect for daytime wear under your make-up. The Hyaluronic Serum I use for the night and gives a smooth and hydrated skin in the morning. "

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